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The Cwts Club May – All The Light We Cannot See

By April 29, 2015Cwts Club Book Club

April was the first month ever of the Cwts Club, our very own For Reading Addicts book club, run from our Facebook group. Overall I think it was pretty successful and we’re already almost into another month! As one month runs we run a poll on the group to select next month’s book and with 92 votes, May’s book club read is Anthony Doerr’s All The Light We Cannot See.

I’ve just ordered my copy, it’s a popular read and I know a few of you are in wait in the library so I hope you get your copies too! If you do want to buy it we always recommend heading to your local bookshop, it’s pretty much stocked everywhere as it’s on the bestsellers list at the moment. Alternatively you can use our Amazon links provided.

We tweaked some of the Cwts Club guidelines last month as everything was new and so going forward we will be:

  • Book choice – members have all month to select their choice in a poll in the Cwts. I’ll start each month’s selections with second place from the previous month.
  • Selection – At the end of the month, a blog post like this one letting everyone know the selected book.
  • Reading – Each month the read starts proper on 1st, at this point I’ll also put up the post to select the following month’s read.
  • Discussion – This is two part. I will open a discussion thread in the Cwts on 1st of the month but this must remain spoiler free, and then about mid-month I’ll create an Event page for the book where you can discuss the book fully.
  • Review – One volunteer puts a review together based on all the thoughts in the discussion thread at the end of each month.

We run the club in the Cwts @ Reading Addicts Facebook group as it allows everyone to join in the discussion. There’s no requirement of course to join the Cwts, or the Cwts Club to be part of the page.

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  • Karen says:

    I loved this book. I am excited to see what others think of it.

  • Patty says:

    Girl On The Train was even better than Gone Girl…..a real gripper and I could not put it down for the last 100 pages . Wow! Hope she writes another one.

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