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Brilliant Bookish Buys: Ed 6- Board Games For Book Lovers

Christmas is coming, the days are getting shorter and colder (Shut up Australia!) and  outdoors is a thing we face through necessity and not desire.
Families are coming together, the TV is as awful as always and Auntie Philomena has got into the Sloe Gin again; so what to do?
Get the board games out, that’s what; here are a few ideas for you, make sure you’re properly stocked up.


Bookopoly allows players a glimpse inside the many worlds of classic literature. It’s a traditional property trading game where players buy, sell and trade their way to fun with family and friends. Interesting facts about the books and the authors are printed on the back of each property deed. Roll the dice and advance to Read. Collect Bookstores and trade them in for Libraries. Who knows! You may soon be elected President of the Book Club or you may be tossed out of the game for three turns and sent to WATCH TV!

Bookopoly US
Bookopoly UK

Book Lover’s Memory

A Novel Twist on Memory! The Book Lovers Classics Edition of Memory Challenge allows players to enjoy the classics and create their own personal library while playing the world’s most popular matching game. Literary picture cards include a superior collection of the classics featuring beautiful illustrations, book covers, literary quotes and portraits of your favorite authors. Players have the opportunity to choose a literary role such as Author, Publisher, Illustrator or Editor and gain extra points for matches found within their profession.

Book Lover’s Memory US
Book Lover’s Memory UK

Trivial Pursuit Book Lovers Edition

The must have trivia game for all book worms! This game combines the fun of the Trivial Pursuit game with the exciting world of books, authors and literary characters. Inside there are over 2,000 fascinating questions from six different categories. You’ll find questions on English and American literature as well as popular romance novels. Your favorite childhood stories are included, too. From the Mother Goose Classics to Edgar Allen Poe to today’s best-seller’s list, everything fun about books is covered here.

Trivial Pursuit US
Trivial Pursuit UK

221B Baker Street Master Detective Game

Each player assumes the role of Holmes and matches wits with the other players to determine who possesses the most skilful powers of deduction. The game includes 40 cases and each case is represented by a card that features a crime told in story form, a selection of probable suspects and a list of locations involved in that crime.

Clues are hidden throughout London, one in each of fourteen locations. Players must collect clues from each location, noting them down on their checklists as they attempt to find the answers to the questions listed on the case card.

221B Baker Street Master Detective Game US
221B Baker Street Master Detective Game UK


A must have for every 1980’s Sci fi fan who has a few hours to spare.
Enter the world of DUNE. A world of power. Conflict. Intrigue. A place where mere survival becomes a complex struggle.

Dune US
Dune UK

The Great Penguin Bookchase

The perfect game for anyone prepared to beg, steal, and borrow books for your book shelf. It can be played in 20 minutes or for 2 hours and the first person to collect six books and race home wins.


The Great Penguin Bookchase US
The Great Penguin Bookchase UK

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10 Second Challenge

Jumping challenges, balancing challenges, offbeat, unusual and brainy challenges. If you can do them in 10 seconds or less, you can out wimp your friends and win the game.  Includes 90 game cards with original illustrations by author Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10 Second Challenge US
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10 Second Challenge UK

The Lord of the Rings Board Game

Travel the perilous path to Mordor in Reiner Knizia’s The Lord of the Rings. Beautifully illustrated by renown Tolkien artist John Howe, this uniquely cooperative board game immerses 2-5 players into Middle-earth, taking on the roles of hobbits on quest to destroy the One Ring.

The Lord of the Rings Board Game US
The Lord of the Rings Board Game UK

Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans test their knowledge of the beloved Harry Potter movies with Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter. This quick-play Trivial Pursuit game can be played on-the-go with its portable wedge holder. The 600 questions range in difficulty levels, so even the expert wizards will be challenged! Six trivia categories include: The Dark Arts, Hogwarts, Magical Spells & Potions, Magical Objects, Magical People and Animals & Magical Creatures.


Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter US
Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter UK

A Game of Thrones the Board Game

King Robert Baratheon is dead, and the lands of Westeros brace for battle. Can you claim the Iron Throne? Designed for ages 14 and up, A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition is a classic game of warfare, diplomacy, and intrigue for three to six players. Taking control of the well-known characters from George R.R. Martin’s beloved fantasy series, players must fight for dominance of the realm. Will you take power through force, coerce your way onto the throne with persuasive speeches, or rally the townsfolk to your side? With opportunities for strategic planning, masterful diplomacy, and clever card play, this game gives you a host of ways to spread your influence over Westeros.

A Game of Thrones the Board Game US
A Game of Thrones the Board Game UK

Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game

The Official 50 Shades of Grey Party Game from Imagination Games is bound to spice up any party or girls night in. With over 100 questions about the characters from the trilogy and their exploits and personalities, you can find out more about your friends and what they think about you. All players listen to the question before secretly voting on which of the eight pre-determined friends they believe is the best match to the question. When everyone is ready, the answers are revealed for all to see. Once all the ‘Oohs’ & ‘Ahhs’ have died down any player that picked the same friend as the reader wins an Inner Goddess token. Bonus tokens can also be won and watch out for the special ‘Twitchy Palms’ questions that are worth double! The first player to collect 20 tokens wins the game and a ride in Charlie Tango … if only! This is a must for any fans of the book and a great game to play with friends.

Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game US
Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game UK

The Road to Canterbury

In The Road to Canterbury, you play a medieval pardoner who sells certificates delivering sinners from the eternal penalties brought on by these Seven Deadly Sins. You make your money by peddling these counterfeit pardons to Pilgrims traveling the road to Canterbury. Perhaps you can persuade the Knight that his pride must be forgiven? Surely the Friar’s greed will net you a few coins? The Miller’s wrath and the Monk’s gluttony are on full public display and demand pardoning! The Wife of Bath regales herself in luxury, the Man-of-Law languishes in idleness, and that Prioress has envy written all over her broad forehead. And the naughty stories these Pilgrims tell each other are so full of iniquity they would make a barkeep blush! Pardoning such wickedness should be easy money, right?

Not quite. For you to succeed as a pardoner, you’ll need to do more than just sell forged pardons for quick cash. To keep your services in demand, you will actually need to lead these Pilgrims into temptation yourself! Perhaps some phony relics might help? There is also one big catch. The Seven Deadly Sins live up to their name: each sin that a Pilgrim commits brings Death one step nearer, and a dead Pilgrim pays no pardoners!

The Road to Canterbury US
The Road to Canterbury UK

Some of these look wonderful, some scarily complicated and one at least, slightly worrying.
I hope that if you do treat yourselves, you have many hours of a fun playing with your Bookish Board Game.

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