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Brilliant Bookish Buys ed7 – Bookends

In this edition of Brilliant Bookish Buys we look at Bookends. Those beautiful accessories that in reality we all wish we had no use for but are always the perfect thing to transform our TBR pile into a divine display of desire.

Here we have the perfect bookends for those who don’t like to beat about the bush. So very many books and such a little amount of time. Available from the Literary Gift Company.

So Many Books

Worldwide Shipping Available.

Or perhaps a little humour? Artori’s Falling Bookend is guaranteed to make guest book browsers smile.

Falling Bookend US
Falling Bookend UK

Look away if you’re a lover of old vinyl. These bookends are made from old records and as such are all individual; I adore them.

Vinyl Bookends

Worldwide Shipping Available.

For all you Song of Ice and Fire fans, an Iron Throne bookend. OK so it’s not made of iron but it’s utterly gorgeous and I want it.

Iron Throne Bookend US
Iron Throne Bookend UK

Fans of Doctor Who? Then you won’t be able to resist these very lovely TARDIS Bookends.


Are you a Zombie Fiction fan? These bookends know that the best source of brains is to be found within the pages of a book.

Zombie Bookend 

Worldwide Shipping Available.

Of course we just had to have some Harry Potter Bookends. (I’ve bought some for Kath shhhh Don’t tell her!)
These Dobby ones are adorable, don’t forget to give him a sock.

Dobby Bookend US
Dobby Bookend UK

If the sight of your precious book collection being impaled by a Katana doesn’t make you faint, how about this beautiful Optical Illusion Bookend?

Katana Bookend US
Katana Bookend UK

Sci Fi buffs will love this Alien Invasion Bookend; offered by The Literary Gift Company these are perfectly quirky.

Alien Bookend

Worldwide Shipping Avaialable 

And finally, something for those more of a more classical bent, beautiful Deco Globes.

Globe Bookends US
Globe Bookends UK

My Bookshelves are filled to bursting and I’m not sure I could fit another book on them let alone a Bookend, however these are so wonderful I might just have to get a wall shelf and put my favourite Titles on there along with a set of those Globe Bookends.

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