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Getting Married? Brilliantly Bookish Wedding Ideas

By April 5, 2016May 19th, 2018Inspired by Literature

Are you getting married? Do you know someone who is getting married? Or do you just dream of the day when you and your beau will walk down that aisle and pledge your love for one another forever more? Whatever the reason we can always find an excuse to enjoy looking at, and taking inspiration from the weddings and wedding plans of others and we here at For Reading Addicts are no different; well maybe a little bit different, all of the wedding paraphernalia we get excited over has a decidedly bookish bent. Enjoy having a look at our Brilliantly Bookish Wedding Ideas and if you are getting married,we hope you find  something you like.

Library Card wedding invitations.

How brilliant are these; I would definitely be attending a wedding if this was how I was invited.


Book Arch

Walk down the aisle to stand in this beautiful archway and know that you look perfect against this amazing backdrop.


Book page wedding dress

This stunning wedding dress may not be practical or truly desirable for those who consider disassembling books to be sacrilegious but oh it is so very pretty.


Book Bouquet

Who needs flowers when you can have something as gorgeously timeless and everlasting as this. Choose a favourite romance for your source novel and watch everyone trying to read snippets from your bouquet.


Literary centrepieces

How beautiful are these centrepieces; you could even choose to make your centrepieces your gifts to your guests. It depends upon how many guests you have and how much you have to spend.


Literary Candle Jar

If you’re lucky enough to have the weather for an outside evening do then why not make yourself some candle jars using pages from an old novel or printed pages if you want to keep your books intact. Indoors? Not a problem, use LED tealights instead.

The Cake

The only limit to your choice of cake is your imagination. A huge pile of books, printed text on layered clouds of white or whatever you desire.

A literary Honeymoon

What better way to end your special day than with a Literary inspired honeymoon, from Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon to Chaucer’s Canterbury; from J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth to Harper Lee’s Alabama, the world is your oyster.

I have this sudden desire to start planning a wedding, anyone want to provide me with a bride and groom?

If any of you have either had or are planning on having a literary themed wedding please let us know, we’d love to see your wonderful day.

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  • Jackie says:

    These ideas are gorgeous! We’re having a bookish wedding on Sept. 30th and I can’t wait. Love the library cards!

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