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Halloween Costumes for Bookworms

By October 7, 2015October 25th, 2017Inspired by Literature

It’s October and for those in the US and becoming ever more popular in the UK that means it’s Halloween and whilst it used to be a time when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts during the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain it is now a time of celebration and fun. A time for children and adults alike to dress up in fantastic costumes and be someone else for the evening.

I’ve had a wander around the internet and found a few ideas for you. There are no instructions but I’m sure you’re all clever enough to take the idea shown and run with it.

How utterly adorable is this ‘Big Alice’ costume? I couldn’t find instructions but it looks fairly simple; take a cardboard box and paint a house on it, take yourself (or your little one) dress up in an Alice outfit and wear the box.


How about a Zombie Librarian? I love this costume, I just don’t know if I could ruin a book in order to achieve the finished look.

No source sorry.

Imgur user Jorimo made this amazing outfit entirely out of book pages! Imagine the time and effort taken to achieve this wonderful effect and be the most perfect Miss Spelled I’ve ever seen.


… And here we have Instagram emcelwee4’s Book Fairy, I need a Book Fairy in my life.


Moby Dick and Captain Ahab make for a wonderful couples’ fancy dress option. Thanks go to Banana_Suit for this brilliant idea.


Or if you’re into Graphic Novels how about a Pop Art cartoon girl?


A Hobbit! Made from second hand clothes found in a Thrift Store.


This rather gruesome character is Ryuk, a Shinigami (Japanese Grim Reaper) from the Manga Death Note (Which I adore!)


Made by a semi professional make-up artist this Pride, Prejudice and Zombies costume has a moving jaw! I’m sure a similar effect could be achieved with a lot of make up.


Have these inspired you into attempting a literary Halloween Costume? I hope so and as always we’d love to see you in all your literary finery.

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