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Harry Potter Yoga for Relaxed Wizards and Witches.

In Austin, Texas two sisters Isabel Beltran and Ximena Larkin came up with the spectacular idea of combining Isabel’s expertise in yoga with people’s love for Harry Potter. Already heading up the Pints & Poses Yoga Class (which sounds ridiculously fun) at the Circle Brewery Co, they decided to commemorate the deaths of Lily and James Potter through yoga. The yoga special was held on the 30th of October, the day before the anniversary of the Lily and James’ deaths, and also when the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations start.

Each member was given a wand, and instructed in a way that would make Hermione proud, from sitting aboard the Hogwarts Express, to fighting for Dumbledore’s Army. Isabel’s instructions added a magical element to every day yoga poses,  with transmogrifications, and Patronus summoning in case of any unwanted Dementors. But that’s not all, the class was decked out with Potter-themed snacks and drinks, and other tantalising offerings. I, for one, would have loved to have my picture taken as an Azkaban prisoner, or seen if their mandrake roots scream!

Yoga is fantastic for relaxing but you know what else is great? Cookies. Especially cookies shaped and flavoured for your Hogwarts House (Hufflepuff forever!) It is these lovely touches that gave the yoga sessions an extra sparkle. Isabel and Ximena have put together an imaginative and fun yoga session for all Potterheads, and I hope the idea spreads to my part of the world.

I may just go and practice my Whomping Willow right  now!

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