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Librarian Makes Her Own Harry Potter Cupboard

Unless you are lucky enough to own a house that has a sweeping stairway or a stunning spiral staircase then you will know all too well about that awkward little space that sits under the stairs.

What can you do with it? Well if it’s big enough and you’re small enough there’s always the option of turning it into a teeny tiny downstairs loo I suppose but then how boring  is that?

Pittsburgh Librarian Courtney Bonnet had a far better idea and of course being a Librarian it just had to be inspired by literature!

When she bought her new home in June 2015 she spotted the cupboard space that was set beneath the stairwell and immediately thought – Harry Potter, well who of us wouldn’t? The rest of the property didn’t do much for her and it was only after a second viewing and the solemn promise of her husband that she could transform the space under the stairs into her very own Harry Potter room that she decided she could live in the house.

Once the Bonnets had settled in Courtney set to and in just 8 days had transformed the claustrophobic and slightly useless cupboard into a Potter fan’s dream nook.

The walls are papered using pages from Harry Potter and The Philospher’s Stone; explaining that as she is a children’s librarian she has access to many damaged and unreadable copies which she recycled.

And it’s completed with scatter cushions, a Hedwig lightpull and a rather wonderful Wanted poster of Mr Potter himself.

Courtney posted the pictures of her transformation to her Facebook page and of course every single Harry Potter fan has sighed in collective desire.

Talking to Buzzfeed she said “[My kids] love the room. They play hide-and-seek and their friends love to check it out when they come over.”


I don’t know about you but they’re not the only ones.

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