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Make your own – Book Shoes

We may be bookworms but that doesn’t mean that we’re not still girlie girls here at For Reading Addicts and what girl doesn’t like a new pair of shoes?
Well how about a new pair of shoes made from your old books? Ones that are beyond saving, maybe water damaged, or your dog chewed them, or your little brother tore the last page out? However it happened, here is a rather fun use for your old and unreadable books.

Before we start here is a disclaimer; I’ve not tried this out for myself yet, I do not know how durable they might be. I’ve no idea what would happen if you stood in a puddle and I wouldn’t recommend them as snow shoes. But for an occasional night out or being a lady that lunches, I’m sure they would be a fun and quirky accessory.

These were made by Tumblr user dellabutt out of an old copy of The Queen of Attolia.


i made these over the summer in a two day flurry of modge podge and paper like. i went through and took all my favorite pages and all my favorite passages and organized them according to tone and importance like. not only must each part of each shoe be perfectly crafted but also thematically consistent. the queen of attolia. megan whalen turner. my favorite part is the end dialogue on the toes. because i can hear it in my head along the rhythm of the high heels as i walk. so you get a close up of that. anyway i never showed you guys because i couldn’t figure out the adapter on my phone. but i just did! and thought you might like these!. i am not a very good crafter but they are a testament of love. queen’s thief. book shoes.

If heels are not your thing, how about these gorgeous ballet pumps?

These telephone book Ballet Pumps were made by Shannon and all the in depth instructions can be found on her blog ShannonMakesStuff. The one thing she stresses is to use fabric mod podge, which apparently stops the shoes from cracking.

I will definitely be having a go at making my very own pair of Book Shoes, will you? If you do, please send us photos of how they’ve turned out, we’d love to see them.

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  • Maggie says:

    They’re durable! I’m a teacher and have worn them several times this year. Use outdoor Mod Podge, and they will be waterproof! Reapplying paper and glue to certain high stress areas like the crease near the toe may be necessary, but otherwise they are awesome.

  • kelly says:

    Is there an accurate link? Neither of these could be found, and I’d love to have a pair of these shoes!

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