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Word Nerd: Literary Phobias

By August 26, 2015April 10th, 2016Language

Us readers have a lot of fears, will the last book in the series ever be written, what if I run out of reading material, what if I can’t understand all the long words? Well, thankfully for you word nerds there are plenty of words to go with these fears and we think you’ll love them!

Today I’ve collated a list of words to go with your reading fears. Some of them are established dictionary listed words, others are only as old as the Internet. Get out there and use them!



A very real and scary fear of running out of reading matter, something I think many of us can relate to!


They say opinions are like farts, you only ever like your own but if you have a real and terrifying fear of opinions then you’re allodoxaphobic!


Bibliophobia is the fear of books. Thankfully this isn’t one any of our Reading Addicts is likely to suffer from.


Gnosiophobia The very real fear of knowledge. It seems this is a common trait on social media these days (said with my tongue firmly in my cheek).


It seems that typing is the way forward for this phobia, a very real fear of handwriting.


Another unlikely to be suffered by readers is metrophobia, the fear of poetry.


Our favourite books are full of myths and legends but if you’re scared of myths then you’re mythophobic.


You’re unlikely to be a reader if you’re logophobic, and you won’t like this list either as it’s a fear of words!


We suppose in today’s society you could still be papyrophic, and you’d have to read on a Kindle as this is a real fear of paper, whether that be a paper cut, or a scrunched up ball representing failure.


Some people need all the answers definitively, even when there aren’t any. This fear of philosophy is known as philosophobia.


If you’re scared of writing in public then there’s a name for that and it’s scriptophobia.


This is used to describe the fear of long words. You can help but think that the person who came up with this little gem was being slightly ironic.


I know plenty I could attribute this too! Sophophobia is a fear of learning.


Fiction contains many metaphors and pieces of symbolism, but if you suffer from symbolophobia, you won’t like that as it’s a fear of figurative and symbolic ideas.

We hope you guys don’t suffer from any of these literary phobias yourself!


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