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Japan’s Alice in Wonderland Inspired Restaurants.

By January 17, 2017September 10th, 2017Literary Places

Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland is loved all over the world for its escapism and fantasy. The people of Japan, in particular, have embraced the land of talking white rabbits and playing card men with the country boasting 7 restaurants dedicated to Alice and her friends. 5 of which are in Tokyo alone! After digging through their sumptuous websites, and much use of a popular translation app, here is an insight for our Reading Addicts… Another adventure for the bucket list!

Alice in a Labyrinth at Ginza, Tokyo

At Ginza in Tokyo, is Alice in a Labyrinth… According to their website, this fantasy restaurant’s entrance is a literal door to Wonderland… “Open the entrance door like turning over the page, and there will be a labyrinthine space between dream and reality.” 
The restaurant inside consists of separate tea party rooms where tea cups and teapots decorate the ceiling, and where patrons can take tea where the Cheshire cat lives. There are even box seats for a couple to use on a romantic evening out. The main hall boasts the “Duchess Tea Cup Room” where you can enjoy your meal in a huge tea cup. That’s almost enough for me to book my plane ticket!

Alice in a Fantasy Land at Umeda, Ohsaka

 Alice in a Fantasy Land is based in Umeda, in Ohsaka and, in their own words “…it is a colorful store like a toy box turned over.” This restaurant is adorned with lights and colourful Alice-inspired artwork on every surface. The food and drink is colourful and cute as the decor, with the drinks menu offering every Wonderland drink you could want, from The Red Queen’s favourite to Alice’s homemade fruity sangria. You can sit on a throne, or a brightly-coloured couch, each dining group separated by enormous playing cards. It looks like a truly wonderful place to party!

Alice in Fantasy Book at Shinjuku, Tokyo

At Shinjuku, in Tokyo is Alice in Fantasy Book… Entering through the storybook, visitors are greeted by Alice and the Wonderland theme from the first moment. Explore the Queen’s garden with its topiaries and sculptures, or relax at the gazebo. Inside the restaurant it is full of colour and light, with mirrors on the walls making the room seem brighter still. The restaurant’s fans on Instagram are obsessed with the cuteness of the desserts, and the magical cocktails.

Alice in Magical Land at Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo

Alice in Magical Land  is at Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo and looks like one for meals out with friends, and caters for large groups or small. I particularly like the topiary seats! The kooky decor is enjoyable enough on its own but the restaurant prides itself on excellent cuisine also. The French and Italian inspired meals look amazing, as do the sweet little desserts…

Alice in an Old Castle at Ikebukuro, Tokyo

The Red Queen is entertaining at the Old Castle, and you are invited… Alice in an Old Castle is at Ikebukuro, in Tokyo and as soon as you enter you will be greeted by the Red Queen. There are spaces for parties, and you can choose to be surrounded by an aquarium as you celebrate with your friends. I would love to visit this one and explore the Red Queen’s castle and find the exclusive Mermaid Cave…

Alice in a Dancing Land at Shibuya, Tokyo

Alice in a Dancing Land in Tokyo has a secret… Underground is a dance floor where people can dance and party under a magical mirror ball. Full of sparkle and stained glass decor, there is somewhere to sing, somewhere to dance, and somewhere to eat and drink. Party rooms are hidden away from the masses where you can celebrate in sumptuous style.

Alice in the Silver Screen at Sakae, Nagoya

Alice in the Silver Screen in Nagoya, has restaurant goers imagine they have been shrunk like Alice was, dining among giant chairs and tables that reach the ceiling. Playing card guardsmen stand by in case of rebellious little diners..! The restaurant looks classy and simpler than some of the others but with the exception of being dwarfed by the furniture decor. Magical!

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