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5 Great Wattpad Reads

By November 29, 2016Literature

Wattpad, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a very useful platform for all writers to showcase their work. Much is available to read: from classics to the newest, greenest authors. Each story is posted one chapter at a time as the author writes and readers are given the opportunity to provide feedback along the way with Votes and Comments.

The categories range from horror to romance, science fiction to vampire novels, and much in between. We have explored Wattpad’s extensive library of exciting stories and picked out some of the ones we enjoyed most.

Check out our list of stories, click the link in each title and it will take you to the story in a separate tab! Don’t forget to let us know if there are any of your own favourites that we should have mentioned.

Our first offering is a meta-fiction thriller by Adrian Birch called “Dead in Bed by Bailey Simms”. This one is a quirky read, with Birch’s intriguing premise of writing as a female, teenage Wattpad author in her sickbed. The story she writes is a journey with Ashley Young as she fights to survive a libido-enhancing sexually-transmitted disease spread through her town. Author’s notes (written as Bailey Simms) are dotted throughout the book, prompting the reader to wonder about Bailey as well as the novel she writes. It starts out slowly with small chapters but I found myself reading and clicking through the chapters to find out what the hell was going on. Bailey’s life becomes increasingly worrisome, and the story she writes is unlike any a young author has written before…

Carrion and Lace a sumptuous vampire feast for the mind is our next offering written by Kallee Willman. Generally I am not a massive vampire fiction fan, other than Anne Rice’s work, however this series has really captured me. The first paragraph transports you instantly as it is exquisitely written, and we are shown the standard Willman offers instantly. Quickly we find ourselves gut-deep in action, and breathlessly needing to continue reading. As well as thrilling vampiric gore, Willman adds a depth to her writing with intelligence and wit. With 2 books completed and one ongoing on Wattpad right now, she is definitely one to watch.

Plunder is by R.S. Kovach, and with the tagline “He just wants her booty, but she’ll end up stealing his heart”, I just had to give it a go! A case of mistaken identity and kidnap finds Ana aboard a pirate vessel. Seventeen years old and living on her wits, Ana has to keep her true identity a secret, and face dangers unknown aboard the ship. This is a great romp of a story, and is good fun to read, especially the fearsome pirate Alestair Kincade. Along the way Ana finds love in an unexpected place… But can the relationship survive such dangerous times? Kovach gives us such detail to character and exciting plot that it is an easy one to be swept up in.

Our next offering is Caution, a short story written by Ara James set in a laboratory, and is a tender, slightly tense romance. There is a playfulness between Eleanor and Luka, and the author’s descriptive observations felt very natural. The setting is unusual, I don’t think there are many romance stories set in a chemistry lab, but James manages to create a well-written peek into these people’s lives. It was interesting how much James managed to show us in such a short space. I highly recommend checking out the short stories section of Wattpad for a 10 minute burst of fiction!

Last up we have a science-fiction short story that I do not want to tell you too much about… How To Unbake A Cake by Andrew Mosier. There is a birthday girl, her funny little cousin who annoys her greatly, and her loving mother who has prepared her a wonderful party. Every child should learn how to bake so her mother teaches her how to bake a birthday cake, but is it as simple as it sounds here? I implore you to read this short but perfectly formed piece of philosophy and find out for yourself.

If there are any budding authors already on Wattpad, we would love to read your fiction! Let us know where we can find you and our next blog can be centred on our very own Reading Addict Wattpadders!

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