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New Beatrix Potter Story Discovered!

Great news for those of us who love Beatrix Potter! A new (to us) story has been discovered and will be released in September 2016. A reference to The Story of Kitty in Boots was found by publisher Jo Hanks while reading an out of print biography on the author. As Potter had only completed one drawing for the book, Quentin Blake has taken up the challenge of complimenting the story with his own illustrations. I feel that choosing Blake to complete the book with his own work is a wonderful way to pay homage to both artists for their dedication to children’s literature. For the full story of the discovery pop over to the BBC Website (this link opens in a new window).

Beatrix Potter has been a popular children’s author and illustrator for over 100 years, with her books still selling in vast numbers each year. Her anthropomorphic characters capture the imaginations of children from the UK, all over Europe, and the United States of America. The Tale of Kitty in Boots is undoubtedly going to be an instant best seller in children’s literature especially since Quentin Blake adds his own unique style to the illustrations. I can’t imagine how exciting it was to discover this manuscript, knowing no one had paid much attention to it in in nearly 100 years.

I wonder if the person who discovered it, smelled it? I know I would have! Sounds strange but I am sure most of you understand that bookish weirdness…


It is wonderful to think that even 100 years after an author has written a book, we are still discovering more! Which classic author’s works would you wish had another hiding, still to be discovered? Personally I would find a new Mary Shelley book rather exciting…

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