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The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Reading Excerpts

I’ve been toying with ideas for our For Reading Addicts You Tube Channel for a while and I love the idea of reading aloud. So when I picked up The Reluctant Fundamentalist a few weeks ago and started reading the narrative prose, it immediately struck me what a lovely book it would be to read aloud. It’s written in such an unusual prose, you really need to read it (or hear it read) to understand how lovely it is, so what better book for me to try this out on you all!

Now I’m really nervous, and I have no editing software so it’s as it comes. I’m sure it would have been much better had Mohsin Ahmed himself read it, but if you are interested in the book and you’d like to know how it starts, here goes!

I’d love your feedback, and to know whether this is the kind of thing you’d like to see from our You Tube Channel. Consider this a test post and let us know what you think. My daughter tells me I am reading too fast, but I’m also hyper-aware of how long the video is becoming! I cut off at eight minutes, about half way through chapter one.

I might try a children’s story next. Anyone for bedtime stories with Kath?

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