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Nine New Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups Coming

By July 21, 2016New Releases, News

The collection of Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups has been incredibly popular since the release of the eight books late in 2015 and now publishers Penguin Random House has confirmed that nine new books will be released this autumn.

The original eight parody books launched at the end of last year, and sold over a million copies between October and the year’s end, hitting the best sellers list and capturing the mood of the adult nation.

On 25th August 2016 How it Works: The Student will be released in time for the start of the academic year and university season and then on 20th October, eight more titles will follow. Like the original series, all books will be printed in hardback and will cost £6.99 each.

Four books in the new releases will be from the ‘How it Works’ series and following The Student will be The Grandparent, The Dog, and The Cat. These four are likely to be the bestsellers, it was How it Works: The Husband that has sold 344,998 copies to date and the student edition is likely to be just as popular.

These will be complemented with another five releases from the ‘Ladybird Book of’ series, including Red Tape, The People Next Door, The Sickie, The Meeting, and The Zombie Apocolypse. All the new titles promise to be as witty as the original series and are likely to be the bestsellers of Christmas yet again!

If you do want to buy the series, be aware that many bookshops were left without stock due to demand last year, which means there are reprints of the Ladybird spoof series and that makes it all the more worth grabbing a first edition! This funny and nostalgic series is capturing audiences young and old and we can’t wait to see the new additions!

Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups Collection – US
Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups Collection – UK

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