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On this Day in Literature: 50 Years of July

By June 30, 2016New Releases, Reading Habits

The year seems to be passing by at an alarming rate and it seems hard to believe we’re in July already. Every month our On this day in literature series looks back over five decades of new releases, and this month we’re looking at 50 years of July in literature. It’s a great way to reflect back on passed releases and remember the books we waited with such excitement to read.

Hopefully some of these July releases through the years will trigger some memories for you, or maybe even offer you something new to read that you missed at the time.

July 2006

The Elegance of a Hedgehog – Muriel Barbery

It was 2008 when The Elegance of a Hedgehog appeared to English speaking audiences and wowed the world, but the philosophical novel was first released in its original French two years earlier.

The Elegance of a Hedgehog US
The Elegance of a Hedgehog UK

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July 1996

Ghost Camp – R. L Stine

My youngest absolutely loved the Goosebumps books when she was younger and it was on this date on 1996 when book 45 in the series, Ghost Camp, was released.

Ghost Camp US
Ghost Camp UK

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July 1986

The Bourne Supremacy – Robert Ludlum

The books that inspired a series of movies are hugely popular with our addicts and it was in July 1986 when the second book in the series, The Bourne Supremacy was released.

The Bourne Supremacy US
The Bourne Supremacy UK

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July 1976

Lady Oracle – Margaret Atwood

It was July 1976, forty years ago when Margaret Atwood released Lady Oracle, and the author is still as prolific today and well loved.

Lady Oracle US
Lady Oracle UK

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July 1966

The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol 1 – Anais Nin

Through the years Anais Nin’s diaries were completely serialised, but it was in the summer of 1966 that we saw volume 1, covering the author’s diaries from 1931 to 1934.

The Diary of Anais Nin, Vol 1 US
The Diary of Anais Nin,Vol 1 UK

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This month brought some fairly well known titles, though it was a mixed bag again. We hope you enjoyed that journey through five decades of July in Literature and we’ll be back with August’s selections next month.

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