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Are You Willing to Unite Against Book Bans?

The number of banned books has been increasing across the United States in the recent years, much to the horror of readers and librarians.

Worryingly, the highest number of bans was called in 2022, and the trend continues into 2023 with the hysteria beginning to reach other art forms such as paintings and sculpture. Only recently, the famous Michelangelo’s David was declared ‘pornography’ by parents at a Christian school, prompting the head teacher’s resignation after students had been shown the statue in an art class.

This type of outcry is based on ignorant black-and-white thinking, and gets in the way of children’s education, limiting the access they get a full range of literature and art. If you believe young people deserve to read and learn about complex and sometimes difficult subjects that reflect the real issues they may face in life, then consider joining other like-minded people in fighting to unite against book bans.

According to the Unite Against Book Bans organization, there were 1,269  attempts to ban books in 2022. This censorship has affected school libraries and public libraries alike.

As well as covering complex subjects, books can also give kids and teens the opportunity to learn about people and cultures different to their own, taking the mystery away and, in turn, any fear. As the old saying goes: knowledge is power!

A large majority of poll voters actually oppose book bans, but it seems the very vocal minority keep pushing for banning or censoring books and content they dislike or disagree with. If you are outraged by book bans, you can join the fight by visiting Unite Against Book Bans and signing the petition, donating to the cause, or buying their merch in support.

“If you believe…

  • Books are tools for understanding complex issues.
  • Young people deserve to see themselves reflected in a library’s books.
  • Parents should not be making decisions for other parents’ children.
  • Individuals should be trusted to make their own decisions about what to read.
  • Limiting young people’s access to books does not protect them from life’s complex and challenging issues. “

Unite Against Book Bans


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