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Black Child Promotions Empowering Children Through Literature

It’s well known that children relate to book characters and thrive seeing positive views of their own identity, and that’s why diversity in literature is so very important. The three brothers behind Black Child Promotions know this and they are on a mission to empower and raise the self esteem of African Caribbean children through literature.

Sulaiman Lee, Noel Kerr and Leonegus Darealest are the three brothers behind the group, which aims to give children a positive view of their identity through literature. They don’t believe that black history should be confined to a single month, and want people of colour to be able to celebrate their identity all year, especially as children.

The charity has been based in Seven Sisters, North London for the last twelve years and now the group have set up a stall outside Brixton Tube Station, and another outside Stratford Tube Station.

The latest move means that Black Child Promotions will be able to reach a far bigger audience as they give away the works of many authors, including Maya Angelou, Iyanna Vanzant and more, with everything from children’s folk stories to poetry books to biographies and more.

The lack of diversity in literature is pretty shocking and it’s incredibly hard to find books where people of colour can reinforce positive reflections, the work by Black Child Promotions is going a long way to change that, and raise money for a great community cause too.

The trio don’t sell books to the public, but they do accept donations to their charity in return for free literature. All the money raised by donations goes to the Marcus Garvey Foundation and is currently being used to set up a new community centre called the Maat Cultural Centre in Tottenham. Here the group hope they can run more cultural events, provide a mini-library and create a hub to their community.

If you’re interested in the work the group is doing, you can find out more on the BlackChild Promotions Facebook page, who are also credited with the images in this article.

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