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Channels from Audible to Offer Short-Form Streaming

By July 8, 2016News

Until now, Audible has been strictly an audio book streaming service, but now Amazon has released an unlimited listening service called Channels and it’s to offer short-form content alongside its full-length audio books. Currently the service is only available to US subscribers of the Audible service after being released in beta version in the spring of 2016.

If you like listening to podcasts and periodicals online then you’re likely to love Channels where you’ll be able to listen to news, comedy and exclusive shows on science, politics, mystery, romance and more in episodic form.

Audible are yet to announce if this service is to become available to customers in the UK, but it’s likely that if the shift from audio books takes off in the US then UK customers will soon find more than audio books to listen to.

Audible were really the first company to commercialise the audio player back in 1997, and so this isn’t such a surprising move. Whether the podcasts will be popular with literature fans who like to listen to books, or a brand new Audible audience remains to be seen, but the spoken word is popular and only increasing in popularity too.

Channels promises lots and short-form stories, and programmes to listen to and is already throwing about names such as comedian Weird Al, science journalist Florence Williams and media personality Ashley C. Ford. It’s certainly an interesting concept, and we’re sure the world will be watching with interest to see how it takes off.

We really are spoiled for choice now when it comes to rich media.

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