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Experience Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as you never have before

Frankenstein has been adapted into a game experience perfect for a bit of escapism. The Wanderer is brought to you by La Belle Games, and has each user playing from the perspective of the Creature on a journey searching for understanding, humanity, and purpose.

The game itself is not hard to play, with the challenges being more about the experience than a test of skill. The first thing you will notice when you play is the absorbing music and stunning artwork. From the start you enter a monochrome world, confused and searching for meaning. As the game progresses colours appear and bring you into a world of soft watercolours and emotive music.

As you play the Creature begins exploring the world around you, discovering more colour and life, and learning how to interact with it all. Soon enough it is discovered that not everything is as beautiful as the blossoming trees, and often the world can be quite cruel.

Choices you make through the game decide what the Creature becomes- are they selfish or selfless, kind or cruel? Whatever you decide it seems humanity will not give you much of a chance.

The most engaging element of this app, other than the stunning colouring and tone to the piece, is the music. Clearly a lot of work has gone into creating atmospheric soundtrack that, surprisingly for a smartphone app, is haunting and quite beautiful. It is worth experiencing the game for the melodies alone as they flow from bright and optimistic to dark and poignant.

As Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of my all time favourite novels I was afraid this would be clichéd, cheesy or dull, however it honestly blew me away with its high quality feel and the ability to wrench your heart with only a few pixels and musical notes.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Monster is available on Steam and your smartphone’s app store.

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