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Fate of Cthulhu game creator calls out Lovecraft racism

By January 29, 2020Adaptations, News

Fate of Cthulhu game creators have caused a stir on Twitter by outing Lovecraft as a racist.

When adapting works from years ago it can be difficult to navigate some of the more unsavoury aspects of the writer or artist’s background, and H.P. Lovecraft is no different. Evil Hat Productions began work adapting the works of H.P. Lovecraft for their table top game but without excusing the racist elements of his work such as the racial slur he used to name a cat, in real life and in a short story Rats in the Walls.

Despite the ingrained racism of Lovecraft’s politics, Evil Hat Productions are still interested in using the world that Lovecraft created to deal with “deeper human and societal struggles.”

The company took to Twitter to explain to fans why they were inspired to use Lovecraft, and how they want to use the worlds he created but without the racism. As the company’s Creative Director mentions: if you are the type of person to be more offended by racism being acknowledged than by actual racism then you are part of the problem.

Warning- there is strong language from the outset.

Can you imagine being the person who said “I usually buy everything Cthulhu but as you have pointed out his racism I won’t buy this!”?

Some people are just out and proud racists, I guess.

Support Evil Hat Productions and buy the game HERE. 

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