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How a ‘Pesky Cat’ and a nurse create stunning custom book covers.

By May 6, 2019Arty, News

Pesky Cat Papercraft specialises in rebinding books by hand into hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing covers.

Meg, book lover and the owner of Pesky Cat Papercraft, is a nursing student from St Louis, USA. Meg hand binds exquisite leather book covers to existing books with very little help from her cat Loki, who is more concerned with playing with Meg’s yarn and stealing leather hide. Every book is created uniquely for the client and to each person’s specifications, and can be ordered from Pesky Cat Papercraft’s Etsy page. 

Recently Meg worked on a whole Harry Potter series which sold at auction for over $5000. Check out the work that went into the hand-bound books, and the fantastic attention to detail…

Each book is bound with quality leather, and a Harry Potter horcrux bookmark set into the front cover.

The horcrux sits safely in place until the reader needs it.

The horcrux can be removed and used as the reader makes their way through the book.

Each inside cover shows a quote from the book, colour-coordinated with the original book spine colour.

The spine of each book has a special wand sewn into it for an extra wizardy touch!

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