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Jack Reacher Back in the Movies with Never Go Back

By October 13, 2016News, Video

Never Go Back Hits the Screens 21st October

We can’t honestly say the first Jack Reacher movie was a resounding success with book lovers. While the film was well received by movie audiences, many fans of the book complained about the poor casting. Tom Cruise plays Reacher himself and in the books he’s scruffy, not all that easy on the eye, and he’s 6’4”!

It’s easy to see why fans might take umbrage, but the movie did well and now a second of the Jack Reacher books is set to hit the big screens this week. Never Go Back launches at cinemas a week from now, and while movie goers are likely to lap it up, lovers of the book series might want to head along with a paper and pen to fact check!

If we’re honest, we love picking holes in book to movie adaptations. In fact we love watching them just as much as the movie fans, even if we watch them from a slightly different perspective!

Never Go Back hits the big screens on 21st October and it looks pretty exciting, here’s the trailer!

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