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James Patterson Will Not Kill King

By September 24, 2016Authors, News

Just last week we  wrote an article on a book that James Patterson was planning on releasing about the murder of Horror writer Stephen King; the book which is part of Patterson’s BookShots series of short reads and co-authored with Derek Nikitas was initially planned for release in November with Patterson saying that he hoped King “liked it”.
Now less than a fortnight later it appears that Patterson will not kill King after all as he has decided not to publish the novella after learning of real life threats to the author and belatedly deciding that he did not want to cause King and his family “any discomfort”.

Announced just last week the novel, called The Murder of Stephen King promised to feature “all of Stephen King’s greatest villains, rolled into one”. Its description stating that “Stephen King is facing a nightmare. A stalker is re-enacting the horrors from his novels. And he won’t stop until he kills the master of suspense himself – unless King puts him out of his Misery first,” along with Patterson’s disclaimer that King “did not participate in the making of this novel, nor is he affiliated with it in any way”. But it seems that the storyline hit a little too close to home for comfort and the book has now been withdrawn from the list of future publications with Taking the Titanic, a story in which two thieves posing as newlyweds boarding the doomed ship to “rob its well-heeled passengers” replacing King’s killing in November’s list of releases.

Co author Nikitas Tweeted “I’m disappointed, yes, but what’s much more important to me is we do right by Stephen King,”
Patterson’s publisher also released a statement from the author saying “My book is a positive portrayal of a fictional character, and – spoiler alert – the main character is not actually murdered. Nevertheless, I do not want to cause Stephen King or his family any discomfort. Out of respect for them, I have decided not to publish The Murder of Stephen King.”

An early edition of the book which was seen by The Associated Press revealed that the novel features a detective named – wait for it – Jamie Peterson who attempts to save King from the man who is trying to murder him.
The novel was the latest in a continuing (alleged) feud between King and Patterson after King said of prolific author that he thought him a ‘terrible writer’ but according to the AP Patterson believed that the comments were “hyperbole”. “I know I’m not a terrible writer. That’s a little over the top,” said Patterson, adding that if King wrote a novel called The Murder of James Patterson he “would definitely want to read it”.

I have to say The Murder of Stephen King would probably have been the only way Patterson would have tempted me in to reading any of his books and I am a little disappointed that the book will now not be released but unfortunately, there are people in the world today who cannot be trusted and from whom our idols need protecting, so Patterson has done the right thing in removing the book from the public forum.

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