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Lawyer-turned-illustrator creates hilarious pandemic parody books

Parodied children’s books have gone viral after being given the COVID19 pandemic treatment.

Stephanie Trilling is a lawyer by day and by night she is a hilarious parody illustrator, recreating classic titles to reflect the strange life we all lead during the viral pandemic.

Trilling told the media that her illustrating hobby is a way to pass time, but has also been a great way to explain the pandemic to her small children.

“My daughter had been talking a lot about what coronavirus meant to her and her life that she knew at that time. I wanted to make it less scary and a way she could talk about her fears,” she explained.

The lawyer and mother actually lives near several major hospitals, so would hear sirens constantly all day during the first few weeks of quarantine. The noise and uncertainty made her and her children nervous.

“It was really distressing because we knew inside every one of those ambulances was someone who was very, very ill,” said Trilling.

In order to distract herself Stephanie would sit every evening and paint, at first with her kids’ paints, and then eventually bought her won.  sat down and began painting. First with her 5-year-old’s watercolours, and eventually with her own supplies.

After posting her work to social media she soon gathered a large following and is still drawing parodied front covers. There is also news that Stephanie may offer her parodies as prints or posters, with proceeds going to charity.

Find more of Stephanie Trilling’s parody work on her Facebook page.

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