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Mystery book lover gives £100 of vouchers to book store customers

By June 16, 2021Bookshops, News

A mystery book-lover has given £100 customers in a generous ‘pay-it-forward’ moment at a UK book shop.

Before handing sorting out the surprise, the man bought an armful of books at a Waterstones in Yarm, he then purchased  £100 worth of vouchers to be split among 10 customers.

Suzi Hunton from the Yarm Waterstones said those reciving the surprise gift vouchers and staff were “choked up” and it had “brought joy”.

The only information they had about the generous book lover was that he works in the offshore oil industry.

“He wouldn’t leave his name and I’ve never seen him before or since,” Ms Hunton added.

She explained how the man had had to stay in Yarm for longer than planned after missing his flight, and “he felt was a little sign he should do something positive for his local area”.

“He was just paying it forward to make sure other people got the treat of a book, got something to make them smile and feel happy especially at such a challenging time,” Ms Hunton said, adding: “It’s one of the most lovely things I’ve had happen at the shop.

“We’ve had the best time handing them out to unsuspecting book-lovers, including grandparents buying first books for grandchildren they were only just about to meet because of the lockdown, teenagers passionate about reading and in our shop every week, and people who just looked like they needed a treat.

“It’s brightened everybody’s life.”

Some wondered “what’s the catch?” when they were offered the gift voucher but there was no catch other than to “to pay it forward”.

“It doesn’t have to be a voucher or money,” she said. “It could be a smile, doing a favour for someone, just making someone’s day.

“People have been delighted, a couple of people choked up, and we did handing them out.”

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