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Over 30 of the best Black Hogwarts tweets

Black Hogwarts was a Twitter trend of 2018 but it has never truly left our hearts.

People of colour from all over the Twittersphere came to express how they would interpret a world where the black community played a larger part in the world of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. What would be different if the black representation was greater?

Playing for fun but also to encourage a talking point about representation in literary and movie pop culture, black Twitter outdid themselves by creating fan art, memes and GIFs, and putting forward their ideal black replacement to the white counterparts.

If you or anyone you know are offended by people having fun while addressing social issues, then this list is not for you.

Twitter user, @Hedon_thoughts is no longer on Twitter but thankfully someone screenshot many of his wonderful contributions to the #BlackHogwarts game.

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