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Woman asks Reddit “AITA” for being angry at sister for destroying books

Reddit’s r/AITA is always full of drama and this latest post is no exception.

Family dramas tend to be fraught with emotion, with one or more party finally cutting ties. Some of these arguments make their way to Reddit where one of the family members asks the general public “Am I The Asshole?”

One poster asks if she has acted wrongly in this situation, or whether she was well within her rights to blow up at her sister after she has destroyed her treasured possessions: her beloved book collection.

The original poster (the OP) has a huge collection of books that she loves, including some of sentimental value given to her by her grandfather. The collection clearly means a lot to her, and her sister knows this.

The woman explains how her sister, who has bi-polar disorder, complained about the amount of money spent on her over Christmas. After leaving the room angrily, she returns saying “maybe you shouldn’t value books over family”.

The OP discovers her sister had ripped her beloved collection to pieces, including the ones given to her by her late grandfather.

After angrily kicking her out, and then receiving a backlash from some of her family members, this woman now asks people online if maybe she overreacted.

What do you think? Would you forgive someone who destroyed your books?

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