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Woman Caught Reading on British Motorway

By August 10, 2016News

Now we’re big advocates of reading, wherever you can get a few chapters in, you should definitely do so but only if it’s safe of course and definitely not while you’re driving on the motorway!

A driver on the M56 near Wirral has been caught using the steering wheel to prop up her book while she drives, as shown by the footage captured at around 10:30am on Sunday morning, but rather than look ashamed at being caught, she simply puts up her middle finger to the person recording the incident. And there was me thinking that readers were a friendly lot!

The passenger who filmed the driver said she was veering from one lane to another as she tried to concentrate on her book, and the road, it must have been a good read for her to take such a risk! Looking closer the book distinctly looks like a Bible, maybe she thought that divine intervention would stop her crashing.

Now if you’re a passenger in a car then long journeys are the perfect way to get a few chapters down while you’re on your way, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend reading from the drivers’ seat. Recently we’ve seen a warning added to the Pokemon Go app, warning people not to play and drive, do we need a warning inside the cover of every book too?

In all seriousness, no matter how good your book is, put it down and save it until you’re in a safe place to read!

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