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Five Books to Help You Escape the Rat Race

By November 9, 2016August 3rd, 2017Discussion and Recommendations

With the state the world is in today Off Grid living has never been so alluring; the thought of being able to leave the craziness of today’s urban lifestyle behind becomes more and more appealing with each news bulletin and I find myself willing to give up hot showers and chocolate if it means that I no longer have to deal with the cruelties and intolerances of humankind that are becoming more and more evident and more and more acceptable each day.

The trouble is, I have no idea what I am doing. I’d walk away from my microwave and starve within a week. Fortunately a lot of very clever people have done the self sufficient thing already and even better they’ve written books about the process so if you want to run away and leave the stupidity of society behind here are five books to help you escape the rat race.

Off Grid Living: 25 Lessons on How to Live off The Grid and Survive in the Wild

 Grow Your Own Food Source & Become Energy Independent.  Topics covered include: Why live an Off the Grid life?, Getting the right mindset, Preparing to transition to Off Grid living, The home, Energy and utilities, Why to avoid packaged foods, and how to grow your own, Food: Foraging and finding, Clothing, Leisure and Entertainment, The biggest challenges and some solutions. Rather than just focusing on the practical aspects of living a life off grid this deals with everything including the mindset required to survive without modern day comforts.

Off Grid Living US
Off Grid Living UK

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The Backyard Homestead

If you have only got a tiny plot of land for your Doomsday prepping Off Grid living lifestyle then this is the book for you. with just a 1/4 acre this book will show you how to produce a sustainable harvest of grains and vegetables; raise animals for meat, eggs, and dairy; and keep honey bees for your sweeter days.

The Backyard Homestead US
The Backyard Homestead UK

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OFF THE GRID: Live in a Van, Truck, Trailer, or Motorhome

Who wants to be tied down to one spot when the world goes to Hell in a handcart? Not me that’s for certain. This book is written by JJ Luna who is an expert in living under the governmental radar so to speak. Save yourself thousands and leave the world behind with this very different take on Off Grid Living.


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Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills

The original guide and considered the Off Gridder’s Bible, Back to Basics has sold over 200,000 copies offers basic living skills-the kind employed by our forefathers-and adapts them to  offer its readers a better life in the twenty-first century. Essential information from dyeing your own wool with plant pigments through to raising chickens and building a log cabin.

Back to Basics US
Back to Basics UK

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DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner

25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle: This is a stepping stone book for those who although they would love to live the Off Grid lifestyle but can’t up sticks and walk away. Covering off-grid staples like collecting water and composting and interwoven with a wealth of practical tips on everything from root cellars to solar power all of the projects in this book can be achieved in a suburban garden plot.

DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner US
DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner UK

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So there you are, five books to help you escape the rat race to some extent. From those who just want to live a little bit of the good life to those who want to go fully under the radar and live their lives without feeling like the government is looking over their shoulder.

With the current political climate the way it is these books should be on everyone’s shelves.

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