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Parental Misguidance: 10 Parody Books for Grown Ups

While we all love reading it can get a bit tiresome when you have little ones, especially after reading the same toddler book 15 times in a row. I loved reading to my children but now they are 12 and 20 and I read some books so many times I can still remember all the words to this day. We assume it’s these parents that this selection of parody books is aimed at!

We love these books so much, based on famous children’s books, but definitely not for children’s eyes though they should make the grown ups chuckle a little. Each book puts a very adult twist on a children’s story. Here’s the rundown on each one:

We’re Going on a Bar Hunt – Emlyn Rees

If you’re a parent you understand the logistics of organising a night out. The next World War would be easier to plan, and possibly cause less bother too as the parents in We’re Going on a Bar Hunt know full well.

We’re Going on a Bar Hunt US
We’re Going on a Bar Hunt UK

The Very Hungover Caterpillar – Emlyn Rees

Continuing the theme, the second book from the same author concentrates on the managing to look after the children after said night out. We’ve all been there, and this little book for anyone who fondly remembers the original, or is always reading it to their own children.

The Very Hungover Caterpillar US
The Very Hungover Caterpillar UK

The Very Thirsty Lady – Julie Whitley

Continuing the theme (you’d think kids were enough to drive us to drink) is The Very Thirsty Lady, a spin on the same children’s classic. If you’re wondering what the average parent drinks through, you can follow the journey here.

The Very Thirsty Lady US
The Very Thirsty Lady UK

The Teenager Who Came to Tea – Emlyn Rees

We all know what it’s like to have a sulky teenager hanging around. If I’m honest I might rather tea with a tiger.

The Teenager Who Came to Tea US
The Teenager Who Came to Tea UK

Where the Wild Mums Are – Katie Blackburn

Most mums don’t get much chance to get out and get dressed up and when we do we like to let our hair down!

Where the Wild Mums Are US
Where the Wild Mums Are UK

Go the F**k to Sleep – Adam Mansbach

Having little ones is a treasure, it really is but there are some long nights involved and we’re fairly sure this has gone through many a parent’s head.

Go The F**k to Sleep US
Go the F**k To Sleep UK

You have to F**cking Eat – Adam Mansbach

The author even has the dinner time battles covered in his second book along a similar theme!

You Have to F**king Eat US
You Have to F*cking Eat UK

Toddlers are **sholes (It’s not your Fault) – Bunmi Laditan

For that weary parent who is fed up of picking food and 700 bricks at a time off the floor.

Toddlers are **sholes US
Toddlers are **sholes UK

The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting – The Honest Toddler

From the Honest Toddler on social media, The Honest Toddler, if you want to know what your little one is really thinking.

The Honest Toddler US
The Honest Toddler UK

Wine Makes Mummy Clever – Andy Riley

Yeah, you know it!

Wine Makes Mummy Clever US
Wine Makes Mummy Clever UK

Well that gave us a well needed laugh, we hope you had a chuckle too! If you already own any of these books we’d love it if you sent us a review!

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