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World AIDS Day: 5 Uplifting Reads with HIV characters

By December 1, 2015November 30th, 2017Discussion and Recommendations

World AIDS Day – December 1st

Thankfully in recent years a fall in prejudice and a rise in understanding has made life a lot easier for the victims of HIV and AIDS. Added to that improvements in treatments and in the Western World at least it seems we are close to having this nailed!

To celebrate the achievements of World AIDS Day we have some brilliant uplifting reads, about HIV or with characters with the disease. There’s a mix of non-fiction and fiction, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all have a POSITIVE outlook!

Tell the Wolves I’m Home – Carol Rifka Brunt (fiction)

Tell the Wolves I’m home is the debut novel of American writer Carol Rikfa Brunt and it’s been suggested in many previous polls on different subjects. The story follows a 14 year old girl whose gay uncle is dying of AIDS. Tremendously well received by critics, the 2012 novel is still popular today.

Tell the Wolves I’m Home (US)
Tell the Wolves I’m Home (UK)

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Push – Sapphire (fiction)

Push was published back in 1996 and is the debut novel from American author Sapphire. Push follows the story of a girl called Precious, sexually assaulted by her father who then dies of AIDS. A tale of the power of hope and friendship as Precious comes to terms with her own diagnosis.

Push (US)
Push (UK)

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Borrowed Time – Paul Monette (non-fiction)

Released in 1998, this lyrical and tender memoir is a inspiring account of a great love story. Critically acclaimed, this isn’t a memoir about AIDS, it’s a memoir about life, and love and loss.

Borrowed Time (US)
Borrowed Time (UK)

And the Band Played On – Randy Shilts (non-fiction)

The ‘AIDS Epidemic’ in the 1980s is chronicles here in the 1987 book by San Francisco Chronicle journalist Randy Shilts. During the 1980s AIDS was chronicled a gay disease and was treated with indifference. Here Shilts gives us a critically acclaimed and honest account of not just the illness, but the attitudes of the day.

And the Band Played on (US)
And the Band Played on (UK)

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The Hulk – Marvel Comics (graphic-fiction)

Wilson, a supporting character in the Hulk comic book series, was a troubled and defiant youth who befriended the Hulk, eventually becoming one of the few people the Hulk trusted. In a December 1991 issue, Wilson’s HIV positive status was revealed. In an August 1994 issue, the virus claimed his life

Marvel Encyclopedia (US)
Marvel Encyclopaedia (UK)

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