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Ten Books Recommended by President Donald Trump

By January 19, 2017November 8th, 2017Reading Habits

As the United States begins a new political era with its new president Donald Trump taking his place at the helm of one of the most powerful countries of the world we at For Reading Addicts wanted to see if there was more to Donald than his business persona. So we went hunting for the man who won over the College Electorate’s reading interests.

It seems Donald, like most successful people does enjoy reading a book or two and in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in June of last year he revealed what he had recently been reading, with his book of the summer being “Unlikeable, The Problem with Hillary” by Ed Klein. Over the years Trump has often commented on his favourite books and from those recommendations here are ten books recommended by Donald Trump with you.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

“All warfare is based on deception.” So says Sun Tzu, a Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher who lived in the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China. Credited as being the ultimate military strategy book the text is composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare.

The Art of War US
The Art of War UK

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The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking is a practical, direct-action application of spiritual techniques to overcome defeat and win confidence, success and joy. A book filled with gentle optimism that will help you to eliminate defeatist attitudes in your day to day life.

The Power of Positive Thinking US
The Power of Positive Thinking UK

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Essays and Lectures by Ralph Waldo Emerson

An influential American figure whose philosophy is embodied in the numerous essays he wrote and lectures he gave Emerson was a leading figure in the 19th century Transcendentalism movement and this book brings together some of his best known works.

Essays and Lectures US
Essays and Lectures UK

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The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

The Prince is often claimed to be one of the first works of modern philosophy, especially modern political philosophy, in which the effective truth is taken to be more important than any abstract ideal. The descriptions within The Prince have the general theme of accepting that the aims of princes—such as glory and survival—can justify the use of immoral means to achieve those ends.

The Prince US
The Prince UK

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Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein

The definitive collection of Einstein’s writing, Ideas and Opinions includes Einstein’s scientific writings which are the foundation for modern physics and of our modern world, and extracts from his speeches on subjects as diverse as atomic war, religion and human rights.

Ideas and Opinions US
Ideas and Opinions UK

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The Party by Richard McGregor

Established as the book on China and its political leadership The Party by Richard McGregor is considered indispensable reading for those who want to understand a country that is heading towards becoming the most powerful nation on Earth.

The Party US
The Party UK

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On China by Henry Kissinger

Examining China’s history from the classical era to the present day, describing the essence of its millennia-old approach to diplomacy, strategy and negotiation, Henry Kissinger shares his experiences as the highest level diplomat to have had such intimate relations with the notoriously secular country than any other Westerner.

On China US
On China UK

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Mao the Unknown Story by Jon Halliday and Jung Chang

Researched and written by Wild Swans author Jung Chang and her husband this book is the result of a decade of interviews with those who knew Mao and careful research into his dreams and plans for China.

Mao the Unknown Story US
Mao the Unknown Story UK

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Tide Players by Jianying Zha

Profiling China’s movers and shakers in business and finance Tide Players describes some of the more amazing successes that people have achieved in the world’s fastest growing economy. Including an ‘unlikely couple who teamed up to become leading property moguls, Mao’s favourite “barefoot doctor” who has transformed himself into a publishing maverick and an electronic chain store tycoon who insisted on avenging his mother, executed as a counter- revolutionary criminal’.

Tide Players US
Tide Players UK

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One Billion Customers by James McGregor

Detailing how high profile, large companies should approach business opportunities in China One Billion Customers is the perfect How To Guide for those hoping to break into the largest market of the modern world. Each of the book’s case history examples could have saved hundreds of large American companies a great deal of time and money.

One Billion Customers US
One Billion Customers UK

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There is a very definite theme here with a focus on China being the dominant factor in Trump’s reading choice.

Interspersed with several books on business and guidance books by successful and intelligent people it appears that for the new POTUS reading is not something done merely for pleasure but is a powerful tool in the world of business and politics.

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