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Literary Events in the Times of Presidents – Abraham Lincoln – 1861

A new series of 46 mini quizzes in this countdown to a new President. Each quiz asks 5 literary questions from the year of inauguration from George Washington in 1789 to Joe Biden’s election in 2020. Literary events, births, deaths and various shenanigans by famous writers plus their great works, of course.

  • Question of

    Finish the title of this Dostoevsky novel: The — of the Dead.

    • House
    • Secrets
  • Question of

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning died in her husband’s arms in which Italian city?

    • Florence
    • Venice
  • Question of

    Dickens’ Great Expectations was published. What day of the year does it begin on?

    • Christmas Eve
    • New Years’ Day
  • Question of

    Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management began publication. What was her first name?

    • Isabella
    • Lucy
  • Question of

    Abraham Lincoln was fatally shot while watching a play at Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC. What play was he watching?

    • Our American Cousin
    • Macbeth

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