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Quiz – Literary Events Timeline (7) 1860-1869

A new series beginning in 1800.
Beginning in the early years of the novel – as we know and love it – each quiz covers a decade of literary events – 2 questions per year. Births, deaths, publications, events; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays and books for children.

  • Question of

    1860 – ‘My father’s family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip…’ so begins Dickens’ new novel. Which one is it?

    • Great Expectations
    • Barnaby Rudge
  • Question of

    1860 – ‘Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.’ Which writer was born in Angus, Scotland on May 9th?

    • JM Barrie
    • Rudyard Kipling
  • Question of

    1861 – Elizabeth Barrett Browning died in Florence in June of this year. What was her last word?

    • Beautiful
    • Love
  • Question of

    1861 – What is the name of the little girl who saves Silas Marner from a life of isolation?

    • Eppie
    • Molly
  • Question of

    1862 – In Les Miserables what is Jean Valjean sent to jail for?

    • Stealing bread
    • Picking pockets
  • Question of

    1862 – Edith Wharton was born on January 24th in New York. She was the first woman to win which award?

    • Pulitzer
    • Nobel
  • Question of

    1863 – Which of her novels did Elizabeth Gaskell call ‘the saddest story I ever wrote’?

    • Sylvia’s Lovers
    • Wives and Daughters
  • Question of

    1863 – Who wrote The Water Babies, published in this year?

    • Charles Kingsley
    • Lewis Carroll
  • Question of

    1864 – Serialisation begins of Dickens’ last completed novel. Which one was it?

    • Our Mutual Friend
    • Hard Times
  • Question of

    1864 – Finish the title of Jules Verne’s classic: — to the Centre of the Earth.

    • Journey
    • Voyage
  • Question of

    1865 – What is the first creature Alice in Wonderland meets after falling down the rabbit hole?

    • A mouse
    • A dodo
  • Question of

    1865 – Which character in War and Peace is often the voice for Tolstoy’s own beliefs?

    • Pierre
    • Nikolai
  • Question of

    1866 – A novella called Behind a Mask, or a Woman’s Power is published in America by AM Barnard. Which famous female writer was behind this penname?

    • Louisa May Alcott
    • Edith Wharton
  • Question of

    1866 – The first of which genre of writing by women is published in New York?

    • Detective fiction
    • Dystopian
  • Question of

    1867 – The much travelled Laura Ingalls Wilder is born on February 7th, in which state?

    • Wisconsin
    • Missouri
  • Question of

    1867 – Ibsen’s most famous play, Peer Gynt, was published in this year. What is the story based on?

    • A fairy tale
    • A biblical story
  • Question of

    1868 – Which much loved work begins, ‘”Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents…”’?

    • Little Women
    • The Little Match Girl
  • Question of

    1868 – Collins’ The Moonstone was published. What is The Moonstone?

    • A diamond
    • A ruby
  • Question of

    1869 – Elizabeth Siddal’s grave is exhumed to recover a manuscript of poems buried with her. By which poet?

    • Rossetti
    • Millais
  • Question of

    1869 – He Knew he was Right by Anthony Trollope is loosely based on which Shakespeare play?

    • Othello
    • Macbeth

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