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First Teaser Trailer for Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why

By January 30, 2017Television

Plus all the news and a release date!

It seems like forever since Universal bought the rights to the adaptation of Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why. The rights were purchased in 2011 and it was originally announced that Selena Gomez would play the lead, Hannah Baker. Now finally the all the gossip is coming to fruition as we have news of the adaptation, the stars, a first teaser and a release date!

The adaptation will be a series rather than a movie, filmed in thirteen episodes. The show will premiere on Netflix and will release on March 31st 2017, so there’s not long left to read the book if you haven’t already! And it’s not what was originally expected at all!

Everyone thought Selena Gomez would star in the show, but Gomez is actually the producer, with unknown Katherine Lanford in the lead role of Hannah. Dylan Minnette will play Clay Jensen, a classmate who has a crush on her, but you’ll have to read the book or watch the series to find out the rest!

Here’s the first teaser for you:

If you want to read the book before the series airs, you have until the end of March to do so and hopefully the series will live up to the acclaim of the book.

Thirteen Reasons Why is told from the perspective of a dead girl, Hannah Baker and given how well Netflix have adapted previous books, we’re trusting them with this one!

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