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Bookish Pet Peeves!

By January 4, 2017Video

As a whole we book lovers are a forgiving lot, we are inclusive and empathetic,we don’t expect the world to follow the rules we live our lives by and we are among the most laid back of people. Most of the time….

However if anyone dares to mess with our books then God help them. Whilst we may forgive a borrowed pair of shoes that are returned scuffed, or allow a thoughtless comment to pass unchecked, when it comes to bookish pet peeves, we book lovers are not to be messed with and YouTuber Katytastic lists a few of the most irritating in this humorously serious video.

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  • Russ Stover says:

    My bookish pet peeves: 1)people who move their lips when they read. What are you seven?; 2)People who don’t watch foreign films because they are too lazy and slow readers to get the sub-titles; 3)Excessive use of footnotes. I have seen then take up 2-3 pages just explaining a sentence; 4)People who dog ear books. Use a book mark you barbarians. 5)People who blatantly and proudly say they don’t read. “Then how do you know you’re not getting cheated? Here’s my bill for $1000 and an explanation of it.”; 6)Using names without a pronunciation guide; 7)When bookstores or libraries only carry an odd number of a series. I read #1 liked it, go to the store or library, and they only have #4 and #18. And they wonder why Amazon is killing them; 8)When movie people use their “vision” instead of what the writer and millions of readers wanted; 9)When bookstores or libraries have a thousand copies of Amish women finding love with vampires at Christmas but ONE shelf of sci-fi; 10)Being elated at seeing a kid with a huge stack of books they want only to be let down that all of them are by V.C. Andrews and Stephanie Meyer.

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