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Hysterical Literature – Necrophilia Variations by Supervert

By May 21, 2016July 7th, 2016Video

Directed by Clayton Cubitt,  Hysterical Literature is an art video series exploring feminism, mind/body dualism, distraction portraiture, and the contrast between culture and sexuality. It may be uncomfortable at times and it is definitely NSFW but it is definitely worth watching and listening to.

Not for the faint of heart, you have been warned!

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One Comment

  • Dave says:

    Ha, you’re really prodding the prudes with a stick recently.
    Of course it’s sad when some throw their hands up in horror and storm out in a huff (“or if that’s too soon, in a minute and a huff” –Groucho) at a classical painting of a woman reading with her top off … but it’ll be interesting to see how they react to this one, which is a step further perhaps.
    Of course, they WERE warned by your clear NSFW tag!
    I followed the link through to the YouTube channel where there’s a whole batch of these: seems to me that the mike volume was a bit under-powered for this particular, er, reading, relative to most of the others, so what made you pick this one? The book chosen – or the fact that Stoya is perhaps the best-known of the participants?

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