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Slutty Book Club is Hysterical – Subscribe

By June 4, 2016Video

Slutty Book Club is a feminist comedy book review, co-written and co-hosted by Nikki Saltz & Sara Starkman. The two comics met at a stand up show, and ever since then, have been on a rampage, discussing their favourite (and least favourite!) books with their own comedic stylings (AKA a heavy taking of the piss). The show is produced in Toronto, Canada, by Smokebomb Entertainment.

Take a look at just a couple of their videos and make sure you subscribe!

Well that’s a new take on Lord of the Flies but I have to say, if I’d been introduced to this novel by these girls, I’d have enjoyed it far more than having it read out to me in a monotonous atonal drone by my completely disinterested English Lit teacher Mr Bajaj.

Want another one? I know I do. How about….. Rapunzel?

Not quite Disney’s take on The Brothers Grimm fairy tale was it, mind you, I think  Jacob and Wilhelm would have much preferred this version.

Starkman & Saltz are hoping to keep producing more episodes and growing their audience! Feel free to keep up with them via Twitter @sluttybookclub, and of course, on Instagram, where it is a daily struggle not to post pictures of books resting on their bosoms.


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