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Vintage Bookworms Video Shows Why Bookshops aren’t Going Anywhere

By December 31, 2015February 15th, 2021Bookshops, Video

Loving books hasn’t changed in 70 years

All we’ve heard over the last few weeks is how there is an upsurge in the sales of real books and an increase in the number of second hand bookshops. All indications are that 2015 has been a pretty good year for literature! The news has been really positive, from all around the world. More people are reading, and many of those that are want to collect books as well as read them.

Even if you buy all of your books on Amazon, you’ll still understand the appeal of the bookshop. It’s like searching for buried treasure, and along the way you may also pick up a few gems you aren’t expecting. The ability to pick up books, read a page or two and put them down and the sheer (for want of a better word) interactivity of a bookshop makes it a bookworms paradise.

In fact, people haven’t changed much and this 1946 video entitled Bookworm from British Pathe perfectly shows why the bookshop has a special place in our heart. 70 years may have passed, and technology may have moved on, but everything in the video rings true today, as we’re sure you bibliophiles will agree.

We have an entire section dedicated to independent bookshops, check it out here.

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  • Elizabeth Thomasd book shops. d says:

    Charity shops are also a good source for secondand books. Love scanning the bookshelves whether it’s in a bookshop or a library. Picking up a book here and a book there. Especially libraries and second hand bookshops. You wonder who else has handled them and read them,

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