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Word of the Day – Cwts

By March 28, 2015Word of the Day

Cwts (accepted anglicised cwtch/cwtsh)(noun)(Welsh)


A small safe storage space/a hug.

Originally cwt, a gap; a small hole; a small space to keep something safe; a hut or cupboard for storage. Originally used to describe the coal cwts, the cwts dan star (the cupboard under the stairs), or a small cubby, this unique Welsh word has come to mean a safe hug and is often spelled cwtch, or cwtsh (although neither tch, or tsh appear in Welsh).

The w sound in the middle of the word is the 7th vowel in Welsh and is pronounced more like the oo in book than the oo in pooch.

Example sentences

“Did you lock the coal cwts last night, Ianto?”

“Come here and have a cwts with me, it’ll make you feel better.”

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