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Word of the Day – Vexillology

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Vexillology (noun) veks-il-ol-oj-ee The study of flags 1950s from Latin vexillum ‘flag’ + -logy. (more…)

Library Fights for Its Right to Display LGBTQ-Themed Books

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For the second time in less than a year, the Rumford Public Library in Rumford, Maine has faced criticism from those who feel that a display found in the library.…

Wizards Unite: A Review of the New AR Game Turning Muggles into Wizards

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After a wait that seemed to last forever since the game was first announced, last week Wizards Unite was finally launched last week, and the Wizarding World’s answer to Pokemon…

Poet Ailbhe Darcy wins Wales Book of the Year 2019

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Dublin-born poet Ailbhe Darcy has won the Wales Book of the Year Award 2019 with her collection Insistence. The poems were inspired by a six-year period the poet and her…

10 LGBT Inclusive Books Coming in 2019

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We’re celebrating Pride Month at FRA and that’s meant a lot of LGBT reading lists, recommendations and books to read. However, the year doesn’t end with Pride, and so today…

All Boys Aren’t Blue: spreading queer positivity, passion, and pride

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Queer activist George Johnson debuts as an author with his life-affirming novel where he uses his journalistic skills to investigate his own life and identity in the hopes young, queer,…

Princeton University Press to Publish ‘The Obama Portraits’

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It has been announced that Princeton University Press (PUP) has secured the rights to publish, in association with the National Portrait Gallery, The Obama Portraits. Set to be published in…

Wizards Unite: A Review of the New AR Game Turning Muggles into Wizards

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After a wait that seemed to last forever since the game was first announced, last week Wizards Unite was finally launched last week, and the Wizarding World’s answer to Pokemon…

‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ is a magical take on ‘Pokémon GO’

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If you've ever dreamed about enrolling at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or fancied trying your hand at a game of Quidditch, then you'll want to check out…

Add magic to your money with new Peter Pan themed coins

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The Westminster Collection is back with more magical coins to add to your collection! Joining Peter Rabbit and Friends, Shakespeare, and The Gruffalo, the latest designs are from a cherished…

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Quiz – June Babies’ Quotes

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A new monthly quiz for the 2019. 20 literary babies born this month and 20 literary quotes – but was the quote written by the June baby, or someone else?…

Quiz – Pecking Order

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This quiz is all about literary siblings – who comes where in the Pecking Order?   (more…)
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