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The Tails of Ae’tann: A Sunset Story


The Curious Autobiography of Elaine Jakes – H. R Jakes
Kingsblood – Jacob Harris
Clown Wars: Blood & Aspic – Joseph D’Lacey, Jeremy Drysdale

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Quiz! Literature of the First World War

| Quizzes | No Comments

On 28th July 1914 the lights went out all over Europe. The legacy of the horrors of trench warfare have left us with some of the most powerful and haunting…


Quiz! How well do you know…? Matilda

| Children's Literature, Quizzes | No Comments

Today’s quiz is on Roald Dahl’s fabulous story about a special little girl – two very different teachers and a ghastly family. A story loved by readers of all ages,…

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My heart belongs to old Volkswagen bus, a 1984 campervan and have a dream of turning it into the Book Bus, with Book Bus trails, festival visits, bookshop visits and giveaways all over the UK and maybe even beyond one day.


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Word of the Day – Sockdolager

| Word of the Day | No Comments

Sockdolager (noun) sok-dol-uhj-er A forceful blow; also an exceptional person or thing. Trivia: It is thought that sockdolager may have been one of the last words Lincoln heard before he was assassinated.

The Swedish Bookstore

The Swedish Bookstore

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The Swedish Bookstore is a clip take from the film Top Secret which starred Peter Cushing and Val Kilmer (this is his film debut) in a 1984 WWii spy parody. Nothing…

AI Writing

Can Robots Write Poetry?

| Inspired by Literature, News | No Comments

Surely poetry requires the soul of an artist to make it work, poets paint pictures with words and the ink they use is made up of joy, of sorrow and…


1947 Novel, Nightmare in Berlin to get First English Translation

| New Releases, News | No Comments

German author Hans Fallada died in 1947, the year his devastating novel Nightmare in Berlin was released. The German novel follows the story of a married couple trying to find…