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If you follow us over on social media you’ll know just what a big community For Reading Addicts is and over the past few years it’s grown pretty big. With everyone reading different books all the time it’s great to hear what others think, and what better way to flex your own literacy muscles than to submit a review for others to read.

We pick regular reviewers and send out prizes and Amazon vouchers, so if you’re lucky you might get picked. It’s not much and I only usually award one prize a month but it’s a bit of fun and my way of saying thank you.

If you love to read and would love to share your reviews with us to publish in the For Reading Addicts review section, then simply follow our guidelines below.

Reviews must be written in English:

Although reviews must be written in the English language, they don’t have to be perfect and I’m happy to tidy up any minor grammar errors. Although my grammar is far from perfect and I’m simply happy that it’s improving all the time.

Reviews must be a minimum of 150 words:

We think about 150 words upwards is perfect for a basic review, but there’s no upper limit. Wax lyrical if you please, we welcome long winded wordy reviews, I love a bit of a meander myself.

Reviews must be original content:

By that we mean it must be written uniquely by you and we ask that it is unpublished anywhere else on the Internet before we publish it. What you do with it afterwards is really up to you, it’s yours after all.

Consider spoilers:

Please let us know if your review contains spoilers so we can let others know and they can make an informed choice.

Submit a picture:

Remember in school when you were eight and you had to write a book review, and draw a picture of the cover? Yeah, that! Submit a drawing of the cover for extra brownie points. This is just for fun; please don’t feel any artistic pressure and this step can be skipped, or you can send in a reading photo related to the book and we’ll add that!

Send it to us:

To submit a review just send it using the form below and we’ll try and publish as many as we can. We’ll pick our favourite contributors from time to time; people who submit often; dazzling reviews; interesting submissions, and we’ll send out small prizes so use an email address we can contact you back on (we won’t spam or add you to any mailing lists).

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