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Alain Mabanckou – Black Moses

Escaping an orphanage run by a malicious political stooge and taking refuge in Point-Noire, Moses lives among a band of Congolese Merry Men and the Zairian prostitutes but as injustice descends Moses is pushed over the edge.

D. J. MacDonald – Dead End at Buffalo Corner

D. J. MacDonald’s Dead End at Buffalo Corner is a murder investigation biography which tells the story of a decaying body found in the bush just off a remote mountain road in Uganda’s Western Province. The find sparks a complex investigation to find the killers. Written by D.J. ‘Jock’ Macdonald, who headed up the investigation this book vividly brings to life the people, places and events that surrounded the brutal murder of Joseph Henri Mazy, a Belgian refugee fleeing to Uganda.

George Macdonald Fraser – Flashman

A review of the very unpolitically-correct, historical fiction novel, Flashman. The first in the Flashman Papers series. Reviewed here by Campbell McAulay.

Nina MacLaughlin – Wake, Siren

Nina MacLaughlin’s Wake, Siren: Ovid Resung revisits the stories of the women who filled the myths of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. From Seductresses and she-monsters to nymphs and Demi-gods, this book reclaims what is lost when women’s stories are told by men in accounts of love, loss, rape, revenge, and change.

Shelby Mahurin – Serpent and Dove

Shelby Mauhurin’s debut novel is the first of a duology which will leave you longing for the sequel. In a fantasy world of dark magical forces and powerful women Louise Le Blanc is a witch who renounces her powers. But these witches are feared hunted down and burned.

Carmen Maria Machado – Her Body and Other Parties

This collection of short stories revolves around the violence put onto women from sexual and physical violence to violence put onto women by society, or violence women put onto themselves.

Clare Mackintosh – I Let You Go

The debut novel from Claire Mackintosh, I Let You Go is an exciting thriller and well received too. It’s likely you’ll see more from this new author!

Sophie Mackintosh – The Water Cure

A must read for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale, a sinister dystopian tale of suffering and sisterhood. Grace Lia and Sky live safely on an island until three strangers appear.

Helen MacKinven – Talk of the Toun

17 year old Angela McMenemy needs to start making decisions about what she wants to do with her life, but will her lifelong friendship with Lorraine fall apart in the process?

Alistair MacLean – HMS Ulysses

Action abound in the debut novel from Alistair MacLean, launching a writing career spanning more than 20 years. Reviewed here by Reading Addicts regular, Campbell McAulay.

Michelle Magorian – Goodnight Mister Tom

World war II gives William “Willie” Beech a life away from his domineering, god fearing mother who physically and emotionally abuses him. This new life comes from his temporary guardian “Mister Tom”.

Madhavi S Mahadevan – The Bride of the Forest

Madhavi S Mahadevan’s The Bird of the forest is a retelling of the myth of Drishadvati. An interesting and intriguing tale of a girl whose fertility was repeatedly sold in exchange for priceless horses. Staying true to the original myths, the novel also brings to life several other characters including; Garuda, the bird who flies Lord Vishnu around the world: the proud kings of Ayodhya, Pratisthan and Kashi and the queen, Devayani.

Nayanika Mahtani – The Gory Story of Genghis Khan

A military genius and a bloodthirsty tyrant, Genghas Khan introduced , a sophisticated spy network, gunpowder, compasses and wiped out a significant percentage of the world’s population.

Megha Majumdar – A Burning

Megha Majumdar’s A Burning is a powerful debut novel set in contemporary India. It is the story of three unforgettable characters all of whom are searching for a better future and whose lives are altered forever when they’re caught up in the devastating aftermath of a terrorist attack.

Allan Mallinson – A Close Run Thing

“A Close Run Thing” is Alan Mallinson’s novel about Matthew Hervey, a Cornet in the 6th Light Dragoons and his part in the battle. Read our book review here.

Tom Malmquist – In Every Moment We are Still Alive

Tom’s pregnant partner is extremely ill and is shortly diagnosed with leukaemia. Intensity starts on the first page and is followed throughout the harrowing novel.

Michael J. Malone – Beyond the Rage

A review of the third book in Malone’s successful McBain series, focusing this time on DI McBain’s pal, Kenny O’Neill, as the central character.

David Mamet – Chicago

By the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of The Untouchables,  big-trouble thriller set in  1920s Chicago. A city where people knew too much, and where everyone should have known better…

Kavitha Mandana – Trapped

For inseparable twins, Aditi and Arjun music is everything, they are part of a band and have a music video that has gone viral but it’s not all down to their talent, they have a ghostwriter, a brother no one can see.

Emily St. John Mandel – Station Eleven

Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven is a New York Times Bestselling dystopian novel set in a world in which a deadly virus touches down in North America, changing the world forever. It asks readers to consider the question, if civilization was lost, what would you do and how far would you go to preserve and protect it.

Kerri Maniscalco – Kingdom of the Wicked

Kerri Maniscalco’s Kingdom of the Wicked is a new series from the New York Times Bestselling author of Stalking Jack the Ripper. Emilia and her twin sister Vittoria are witches who live amongst humans in secret. When Emilia finds her sister brutally murdered she sets out to find the killer in a quest for vengeance. Along the way, she meets Wrath, one of the Wicked-princes of hell that she was warned about in childhood tales. Wrath claims to be on Emilia’s side but nothing is truly as it seems when it comes to Wicked.

Sally Mann – Hold Still

An amazing collection of photos in Sally Mann’s memoirs and family history. No spoiler review by Denise Conner.

Una Mannion – A Crooked Tree

A Crooked Tree is Una Mannion’s literary début and it tells the story of a fractured American family who are dealing with the fallout from events that occur one summer evening when everything went wrong. It’s a haunting, moody and suspenseful thriller combined with the classic coming-of-age story set during the early 1980s.

Mark Manson – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Mark Manson cuts down the positive thinking and gives a refreshingly honest truth about life and how people can make themselves truly happy.

Hilary Mantel – The Mirror and the Light

A long-awaited sequel to Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, The Mirror and the Light is the final novel in Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize-winning Wolf Hall Trilogy. Mantel traces the final years of Thomas Cromwell’s life full of conflict, passion and courage.

Mesha Maren – Sugar Run

Aged seventeen Jodi McCarty is sentenced to life in prison for manslaughter, eighteen years later she’s released and soon finds herself falling in love, can she get a fresh start in a town that refuses to change?

David Mark – Dark Winter

Set in Hull East Yorkshire we meet Mark’s protagonist D.S. Aector McAvoy, a detective with a troubled past and passion for justice.

John Marrs – When You Disappeared

When Catherine wakes up to find her husband missing she must get to grips with the lose and continue her life but when he reappears twenty five years later she will wish he’s stayed missing.

Laura Marshall – Friend Request

Friend Request is a gripping contemporary thriller as a paranoid single mother must confront the unthinkable things she did as a desperate teenager. Maria Weston is dead… Isn’t she?

Angela Marsons – Silent Scream

D. I. Kim Stone looks into the murders surrounding a home for troubled girls, she will have to put to bed memories from her own horrible childhood in order to stop the killer.

Angela Marsons – Evil Games

Evil Games is the second in the series of crime novels featuring D.I. Stone, written by Angela Marsons and released May 2015 it was loved by our reviewer, Claire Knight.

Yann Martel – Life of Pi

How will Piscine Patel survive after being shipwrecked, finding himself in a life boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

George R. R. Martin – A Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martin’s enormous epic – A Game of Thrones – makes Tolkein’s masterwork look a bit like “a long story with some elves in it”.

Alex Marwood – The Poison Garden

Romy’s life has always been within the Ark, a isolated cult community, now she’s out in the world she’s been taught to fear. Romy’s pregnant and looking for her family but she still needs to come to terms with the horrors from her past.

Bhakti Mathur – Amma, Take me to the Golden Temple

Join Amma and her children as they introduce readers to the history of different faiths and their associated monuments.

Bhakti Mathur – Amma, Take Me to Tirupati

Volume 2 of the Amma tell me series takes readers to the world famous temple of Tirupati Balaji.

Trixie Mattel & Katya Zamolodchikova – Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood

Drag queens, Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo rose to fame after starring on the seventh season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Their quirky friendship, however, really blossomed during their own show, UNHhhh. Now, they’ve written a book and it’s about whatever they want to talk about because it’s their book and not yours.

Armistead Maupin – 28 Barbary Lane

Opening on the outset of the AIDS epidemic in 1970s San Francisco, this book is a funny and heart-breaking saga from the LGBT+ community.

Armistead Maupin – Tales of the City

Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City is the first novel in his LGBTQIA+ series of books. Originally serialized in a newspaper, Maupin’s Tales of the City follows naïve young Mary Ann who moves to San Francisco. Here, she meets a cast of interesting people in this humorous, warm, and, at times, tawdry story.

Armistead Maupin – More Tales of the City

More Tales of the City is the second novel in Armistead Maupin’s acclaimed San Francisco set series, Tales of the City. Michael Toliver pursues his favourite gynaecologist, Mona finds roots in a whorehouse, and Mary Ann finds love on a cruise with an amnesiac.

Daphne du Maurier – Rebecca

A naive young woman gets more than she bargains for when marrying Maxim de Winter, Mrs. Danvers the housekeeper, puts her in Rebecca’s shadow, a difficult place to get free from.

Daphne du Maurier – Jamaica Inn

After trying to warn young Mary Yellan to stay away from the ruined and forbidding, instead she persists on her Mother’s dying request that she joins her frightened aunt and hulking uncle at Jamaica Inn.

Peter May – Runaway

Five friends head to London to make it in the music industry but within a year three returned home, now fifty years on a murder pulls those three back to the city they ran from.

Imbolo Mbue – How Beautiful We Were

Imbolo Mbue’s How Beautiful We Were is set in a fictional African village called Kosawa where the people live in fear of environmental issues triggered by an American oil company. Spills of oil leave farmlands infertile and drinking water unsafe. While children are dying promises of a clean-up and reparations are made but never carried out. Left with no other choice, the people of Kosawa fight back but their fight comes at a price of generations to come. Told through the eyes of a generation of children. How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue is a devastating exploration of colonialism and greed.

Paul McAuley – 400 Billion Stars

When a group of scientist begin to suspect a planet has been artificially altered they investigate further but come up empty handed that is until Dorothy Yoshida a fellow scientist and telepath arrives to help uncover the mystery.

Anne McCaffrey – The Dolphins of Pern

Readis Lilcamp’s life is saved by dolphins, from then on his interest in these creatures grows.

Alexander McCall Smith – The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Precious Ramotswe sets up a business to help people with problems in their lives and finds herself with clients immediately but when a case of a missing eleven year old boy tugs at her heart she finds herself in danger.

Alexander McCall Smith – Tears of the Giraffe

Precious is back in the action with her hardest case yet, uncovering the disappearance of an American man many years ago, as if that’s not enough she has plenty of things closer to home to address.

Cormac McCarthy – The Road

Heading to the coast the father and son walk along the road through a burned America, can their love for one another get them to their destination and if they do, will there be anything to find?

Kevin McCarthy – Wolves of Eden

A well-written and detailed historical fiction story set during the Civil War, its plot is a thrilling and emotionally haunting narrative that follows four men into deadly warfare and violence.

Charlotte McConaghy – Once There Were Wolves

Charlotte McConaghy’s Once There Were Wolves is a gripping and thrilling novel that follows one woman’s quest to re-introduce wolves into Scotland’s highlands, at any cost. As a biologist, she knows the animals are the best hope for rewilding the ruined landscape but when she stumbles over the body of a dead farmer, she makes a reckless decision to protect them.

Frank McCourt – Angela’s Ashes

Frank McCourt’s memoirs of life in New York in the 30’s and Ireland in the 40’s as he endures poverty, near-starvation and the casual cruelty of relatives and neighbours.

Sharyn McCrumb – The PMS Outlaws

Sharyn McCrumb’s witty style comes through in the final of the Elizabeth MacPherson novels. No spoiler review by Teresa M.

Carson McCullers – The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

This classic tale of love made Carson McCullers an international sensation and a household name, and is still as popular today as the day it was written.

Val McDermid – Fever of the Bone

Teenager Jennifer Maidment’s mutilated body is discovered and Tony Hill and Carol Jordon are put on the case, with the next body appearing it’s clear this dangerous psychopath is just getting started.

Val McDermid – The Retribution

Ten years Jacko Vance spent behind bars planning the perfect escape in order to wreak revenge on those who put him away. That day has come and Clinical psychologist Tony Hill and police detective Carol Jordan better watch their backs.

Val McDermid  – Still Life

From Val McDermid comes another unforgettable psychological thriller. On a winter morning, fishermen pull a body from the sea and it’s quickly discovered that he was the prime suspect in a decade-old investigation. DCI Karen Pirie who was the last detective to review the file is drawn into a dark and twisted world of betrayal and secrets. In her search for the truth, Karen uncovers a web of lies.

Val McDermid – The Torment of Others, The Mermaids Singing

Two of Val McDermid’s novels are put together, The Torment of Other and The Mermaids Singing, both follow top criminal psychologist Dr. Tony Hill.

Alice McDermott – The Ninth Hour

Recently fired from his job and nagged by his wife Jim decides to show he is in control and sets a fire killing himself and leaving his wife and unborn child homeless, but she is taken in by some nuns and given a job.

Lisa McGee – Erin’s Diary: An Official Derry Girls Book

Lisa McGee, the writer of the hit TV-series The Derry Girls, has now published Erin’s official diary. The first official tie-in, this book is a humorous read which will bring you back into the world of Erin and her friends.

Ian McGuire – Abstainer

Abstainer is the latest novel from Ian McGuire, the acclaimed author of The North Water. An epic tale of revenge and obsession, The Abstainer tells the story of two men; Stephen Doyle and James O’Connor, haunted by their past and driven by a need for revenge.

Richard McGuire – Here

One spot! Time shown through one fixed location, going back though history and forward into the future.

Jay McInerney – Bright Lights, Big City

Jay McInerney became a literary sensation with the publication of Bright lights, Big city. The novel follows the life of a man who lives in Manhattan as if he owns it, through clubs, parties and fasion shows.

Paula McLain – Love and Ruin

Paula McLain, the bestselling author of The Paris Wife returns with a novel about his passionate, stormy marriage to a fiercely independent young woman, Martha Gellhorn.

Paula McLain – Where the Stars Go Dark

Paula McLain’s Where the Stars Go Dark is a New York Times bestseller that follows Anna Hart, a seasoned missing persons detective living in San Francisco. When tragedy strikes though, she hides from the word in the California village she grew up in. When she arrives, however, she is met with the news that a local girl has gone missing and the crime feels oddly reminiscent to an event in Anna’s childhood. As her past and present collide, Anna is forced to confront the darkest elements of human nature.

Casey McQuiston – Red, White and Royal Blue

Casey McQuiston’s Red, White and Royal Blue is a hilariously funny, romantic and witty novel that tells the story of America’s First Son falling in love with the Prince of Wales. When Alex’s mother becomes the president of the U.S., Alex becomes an American royal but when his beef with Prince Henry becomes embroiled in the tabloids things take a turn for the worse. In a plan of damage control from the heads of states, a staged truce is concocted but what was once faked becomes a growing friendship. Alex and Henry hurtle towards a secret romance but could it upend the whole campaign? Can they find the courage to let their true colours shine and let love save the world?

Gary Meehan – True Fire

True Fire is the first novel in the ‘True’ trilogy by Gary Meehan, perfect fantasy according to regular reviewer, Shan Williams.

Sonia Mehta – Junior Lives: Mother Teresa

Follow the story on one woman’s life story as she went from being Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu to the beloved Mother Teresa.

Sonia Mehta – Junior Lives: Mahatma Gandhi

This Captivating biography introduces young readers to one of the most influential idols of our history.

Sonia Mehta – Junior Lives: Rani Lakshmibai

This is the third book in the series by Sonia Mehta looking at the lives of notable Indians. This book concentrates on the life of Rani Lakshmibai, a notable figure in the 1857 mutiny against the British.

Sonia Mehta – Junior Lives: Gautama Buddha

The fourth biography in the Junior lives series introduces young readers to Gautama Buddha for another captivating look into a historic figure.

Christina Meldrum – Madapple

The unforgettable story of Aslaug’s life changing from near isolation, to being the main suspect in her mother’s death. No spoiler review by Teresa M.

Carlton Mellick III – The Haunted Vagina

“What genre should that go in Campbell?” “Weird, just weird.” Read what our regular reviewer Campbell McAulay made of The Haunted Vagina in this no spoiler review.

Paul Mendez – Rainbow Milk

Paul Mendez’s coming-of-age novel, Rainbow Milk is a stunning exploration of race, sexuality, masculinity, and identity that follows Jesse McCarthy, who at the turn of the millennium seeks out a fresh start in London, away from his repressive religious family and his Jehovah’s Witness upbringing.

Maaza Mengiste – The Shadow King

A powerful story of female strength and women and war. Maaza Mengiste’s tale of the forgotten African women who fought for the Emporer Haile Selassie when the Italians under Mussolini invaded Ethiopia in 1935.

Mini Menon –  Quirky History: The Swan Car of Nabha & Other Unusual Stories from History

In this first book in the Quirky History Stories, Mini Menon, and the team behind the popular Live History India website and YouTube channel tells the bizarre, hilarious and twisted tales you won’t find in any history books. From eccentric Maharajas to Gwalior’s Chamber of Secrets, these unique stories are accompanied by delightfully quirky illustrations.

D E Meredith – Devoured

With the murder of Lady Bessingham, Adolphus Hatton and his morgue assistant Albert Roumande are called in to assist Scotland Yard’s infamous Inspector Adams on a case that could  change the face of society and religon irrevocably.

Stephenie Meyer – Twilight,  Eclipse

Once again Bella finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob.

Alex Michaelides – The Silent Patient

This year’s latest bestselling psychological thriller. This shocking tale of a woman’s act of violence is soon to become a major Hollywood film.

Barry Miles, Grant Scott and Johnny Morgan – The Greatest Album Covers of All Time

Contains Spoilers!

Take a look through some of the best album covers of all time, from pop to folk and everything in between, this wonderful visual record of art in the music industry is an essential read for music lovers around the world.

Mark Millar – Superman: Red Son

Mark Millar and David Johnson’s Superman: Red Son is the origin story of the superhero we now know as ‘Superman’. Set during the Cold War, this graphic novel tells the story of the ship carrying an infant destined for great things, landing in the midst of 1950s Soviet Russia.

Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller – Otherworld

In Otherworld, New York Times bestselling authors Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller imagine a world where you can leave your body behind in order to give in to your greatest desires. Otherworld is the first book in the fast-paced YA thriller series, Last Reality, which plunges readers into a virtual reality game so addictive you will never want to leave.

Madeline Miller – The Song of Achilles

Madeline Millers’ The Song of Achilles is the International bestselling novel that came before her acclaimed novel, Circe. An imaginative re-telling of some of the oldest stories from ancient Greece, The Song of Achilles tells tales of men, love, war and extraordinary women, featuring divine human gods and captivating mortal characters.

Sarah Millican – How to be Champion

Geordie comedian, Sarah Millican’s How to be Champion is a hilariously funny and warming part-memoir, part-self help book. From her childhood as the daughter of a mine worker to her adult life as a stand-up comedian, Millican covers all the ups and downs from her life.

Stephanie Milton – Minecraft Essential Handbook

The perfect book for those starting to enter the world of Minecraft, from creating tools to building shelter, this book will keep you alive in the early days.

Kanae Minato – Confessions

On her last day of working as a teacher at a middle school Yuko Moriguchi has one more lecture to teach which revolves around the death of her four year old daughter and the students that killed her. Now no one at the school is safe!

Kanae Minato – Penance

A mysterious stranger tricks four girls into separating from their friend who hours later is found dead, the victim’s mother will have her revenge if the girls can’t find the killer.

Shabnam Minawalla – Murder at Daisy Apartments

Shabnam Minawalla’s Murder at Daisy Apartments is a mystery novel set during the Coronavirus lockdown when Baman Marker is found poisoned in her home and dies. The murderer can only be one of the residents. The news soon pulls fifteen-year-old Nandini Venkat, a teenager who devours murder mysteries, from her bubble as she begins to remember details such as the legs she saw climbing up and down the stairs. She enlists the help of her twin and best friend to begin an investigation into the murder but the list of suspects is long because Baman, the Chairperson of the apartments, knew everyone’s dirty little secrets.

Shabnam Minwalla – Nimmi’s Spectabulous Schooldays

Nimmi is starting Grade 6 and while she was really excited, she soon finds that Slimy Sumit will be riding the bus with her, and her best friend has turned into a zombie Barbie. Suddenly things aren’t looking so great.

Shabnam Minawalla – Saira Zariwala is Afraid

Shabnam Minawalla’s Saira Zariwala is Afraid is a children’s mystery novel. When Saira receives messages addressed to Akaash on her new mobile phone, she and her friends decide to play detective. Soon though, this light-hearted game takes a dark turn.

Raza Mir – Murder at the Mushaira

Raza Mir’s Murder at the Mushaira is a novel that is set in 1857, against the backdrop of India’s First War of Independence. It is a murder mystery novel that brilliantly explores India’s history.

Fernand Miron and Anita Royer – Boletes, Quebec and Eastern Canada

Discover which of the 111 species of boletes from eastern Canada are edible and which will cause serious health problems.

David Mitchell – Utopia Avenue

Utopia Avenue is the latest novel from the bestselling author of Clod Atlas, David Mitchell. Set in London’s psychedelic scene of the late 1960s. The story follows folksinger Elf Holloway, blues bassist Dean Moss, guitarist Jasper de Zoet and jazz drummer Griff Griffin who come together to create their own unique sound, producing just two studio albums but their musical legend lives on. Utopia Avenue takes you on a journey from Soho clubs to the promised lands of America as the Summer on Love begins to fade into something darker.

Margaret Mitchell – Gone With the Wind

Scarlette O’Hara’s life takes a dramatic change as she goes from the spoiled daughter of a well to do plantation owner to a life of poverty as she struggles to regain the life she’s accustom to.

Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown – ASAP Science

The fun, illustrated format of their addictive YouTube videos, AsapSCIENCE takes the science that people actually want to learn, shared in a friendly, engaging style.

Yasmin Mogahed – Reclaim Your Heart

A self-help book with a difference. Reclaim Your Heart is a manual for living that shows you how to free your heart from its restraints. Awaken your heart and learn to avoid the same disappointing patterns of love and heartbreak.

Sue Monk Kidd – The Invention of Wings

From the best selling author of the Secret Life of Bees is another wonderful novel, The Invention of Wings, a tale of two women from a different time.

Sy Montgomery – The Spell of the Tiger The Man-eaters of the Sunderbans

Enter the world of the Sundarbans where tigers frequently eat people, from snatching fisherman at night, to woodcutters from the forest these great creatures are revered.

Monty Montague – Saved from the Sea

A review of the Classic Comic Saved from the Sea by Monty Montague. Reviewed by Reading Addicts regular, Campbell McAulay.

Luis Carlos Montalvan – Until Tuesday

An ex US Army captain, hurt in more ways than one and a golden retriever make perfect companions.

L. M. Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables

The Cuthbert siblings adopt a boy to help around the farm, by mistake they are sent Anne, a talkative, imaginative girl who is eager to please.

Dennis D Montoya, H C Strom – Over the Dragonwall

A shortcut through a swamp leads Oberon, a young monk and his friends to the other side of the Dragonwall and on an heroic adventure.

Chris Mooney – World Without End

Angel Eyes is stealing prototype weapons with unimaginable destructive powers, it’s CIA operative Steve Conway’s job to hunt down this thief.

Demi Moore – Inside Out

The iconic Hollywood actress, Demi Moore, opens up in her reflective memoir, ‘Inside Out’. She divulges her childhood traumas, her battle with addiction and body image issues, and how she navigated her new position as a celebrity, in this biography which is not only about Moore’s life but also about the very human experiences of overcoming adversity, survival, and success.

Kate Moore – The Radium Girls

The new radium girls makes gleaming headlines across the nation as it presents the dark, but true story of the women who fought America’s danger.

Edward Kelsey Moore – The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues

The wedding of Mr Forrest Payne and Miss Beatrice Jordan brings a legend home, Mr El Walker, the great guitar bluesman gives a performance that changes the lives of some listeners.

Thomas Moore – A Religion of One’s Own

A religion of one’s own is a non-fiction philosophy read for those who are trying to find a place to fit in in this secular world.

Dom Moraes – Under Something of a Cloud / Where Some Things Are Remembered

These two titles show some of Dom Moraes’ work, a selection of his very best travel writing and his observations about people he meet and places he visited.

Caitlin Moran – How to Build a Girl

Johanna Morrigan’s life is over after she shames herself on local T.V but as Johanna dies, Dolly Wilde is born and how different she is!

Caitlin Moran – How to be Famous

How to be Famous is the second book in what will be a trilogy by Caitlin Moran. Following on from How to Build a Girl, Moran’s How to be Famous is a laugh-out-loud novel that picks back up with the enigmatic Johanna Morrigan whose journalism career has now taken her to London. A brilliantly funny and feminist novel, How to be Famous explores friendships, relationships, adulthood and issues of sexual abuse.

Caitlin Moran – How to Be a Woman

Caitlin Moran interweaves provocative observations on women’s lives with laugh-out-loud funny scenes from her own, from adolescence to her development as a writer, wife, and mother.

Kelly Moran – Exposure

With Noah’s past finally behind him, he pursues an affair with Raven that he has dreamed about for years. Someone’s past is coming to the present with dire consequences.

Kelly Moran – The Dysfunctional Test

Camryn’s worst day sees her lose her apartment, job and boyfriend all of this just before her sister’s wedding, there is a plan, a pretend relationship with an old friend.

Kelly Moran – All Of Me

Alec Winston’s writers block is lifted by his muse Faith Armstrong, who is trying to leave her past behind her.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Mexican Gothic

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic is a mesmerising feminist re-telling of gothic fantasy literature set in 1950s Mexico following a young socialite, Noemí Taboada after she receives a letter from her newlywed cousin begging to be rescued and claiming her husband is trying to poison her. Catalina has always been dramatic by Noemí comes to her aid anyway, heading to High Place, where she discovers the haunting secrets of the remote countryside mansion. Mexican Gothic is a twisted novel from the acclaimed author of Gods of Jade and Shadow.

Johnny Morgan, Grant Scott and Barry Miles – The Greatest Album Covers of All Time

Contains Spoilers!

Take a look through some of the best album covers of all time, from pop to folk and everything in between, this wonderful visual record of art in the music industry is an essential read for music lovers around the world.

Erin Morgenstern – The Starless Sea

Erin Morgenstern’s The Starless Sea asks readers if they are lost or merely exploring as they join Zachery on the starless sea, home of storytellers and story lovers. When Zachary finds a strange book, he’s determined to solves its puzzle, leading him on a unique quest as he follows clues to a labyrinth filled with stories, searching for an end.

Charles Moriarty – Before Frank

Before Frank is a hard back photography book, 144 pages, litho printed and canvas bound. Containing an introduction of Dazed Arts and Culture.

Liane Moriarty – Big Little Lies

This is a great novel and aptly named. You won’t fail to get drawn into the schoolyard gossip, lies and dramas at Pirriwee Public School. This is the first Liane Moriarty novel I have read but it won’t be the last.

Liane Moriarty – The Husband’s Secret

A tale of family drama, long held secrets and lies with a surprising twist at the end. A great novel of suspense and drama from contemporary author Liane Moriarty.

Michael Morpurgo – Private Peaceful

Private Thomas Peaceful follows his brother to war even though he is too young to enlist, now he spends the night thinking about the people left behind.

Michael Morpurgo – Friend or Foe

It’s the Second World War and now, because of the Blitz, David and his friend Tucky have been evacuated to the countryside, where they must live with strangers.

Michael Morpurgo – Beowulf

Beowulf takes on the terrifying quest that will lead him to attempt to destroy three murderous monsters.

Michael Morpurgo – Shadow

Aman, his mother and the Springer Spaniel found at the mouth of their cave embark on a journey from war stricken Afghanistan to the safety of a relative’s home in Manchester.

Heather Morris – The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Lale was lucky enough to get the job of tattooing identity numbers onto his fellow prisoners, a job that gave him some privileges which he used to help others survive and gave him the chance to come out the other side with dignity and integrity intact.

Bob Mortimer – The Satsuma Complex

In Bob Mortimer’s comic novel, Gary Thorn is a man who often disappears into the background; however, when he goes from a pint after work with a colleague, Brendan, he meets a girl. Even though he doesn’t catch her name, he falls in love with her, and when she suddenly disappears without saying goodbye, all he has to remember her by is the book she was reading ‘The Satsuma Complex’. Then, when Gary’s acquaintance, Brendan goes missing, Gary needs to track down the girl, using the book to get some answers. His quest begins to bring some love and excitement into his mundane life.

Kate Morton – The Lake House

Sadie Sparrow stumbles upon an abandoned house while on enforced leave from her job in the Metropolitan Police but it’s not a relaxing break when she discovers the mystery of the missing child that once lived in the house.

Sarah Moss – Summerwater

From the acclaimed author of Ghost Wall, Sarah Moss’ Summerwater is a devastating tale that spans just 24 hours in the Scottish Highlands. On the longest day of summer, 12 people are cooped up in cabins with their families while the rain outside pours leaving them with nothing to do except watch the other residents. A mother and daughter duo without the right clothes or manners soon draw attention, tensions rise and as night begins to fall, tragedy lies ahead.

Kate Mosse – I Am Heathcliff

A bicentenary celebration of Emily Bronte’s dark and twisted novel, Wuthering Heights, this collection of short stories is a must-read for fans of the original classic. From a diverse range of writers, there’s bound to be a short story in here for every reader’s taste.

Natasha Mostert – Season of the Witch

A review of Natasha Mostert’s award winning novel Season of the Witch with a dose of alchemy, some mysticism and a murder all bound together in a breathtaking thriller, taking you through the minds of others.

Jason Mott – Hell of a Book

Jason Mott’s Hell of a Book is the winner of the National Book Award for Fiction 2021. This is a true story about an author on a book tour for his bestseller ‘Hell of a Book’. One morning he meets The Kid, a young Black boy who looks eerily like the one on the news, shot by the police. The Kid wants to tell the author his story. It’s a sad story, a love story, and a story unlike any you’ve read before.

Jojo Moyes – Me Before You

Me Before You is a touching novel covering a difficult subject, handle with care and wonderful prose by Jojo Moyes. Be warned it’s a tear-jerker.

Jojo Moyes – The Girl You Left Behind

Another bestseller from Jojo Moyes, The Girl You Left Behind is a perfect love story, spanning a whole century, beautifully written from start to finish.

Jojo Moyes – Honeymoon in Paris

The prequel to The Girl You Left Behind, exploring Sophie and Liv’s story at the beginning of their marriages, 100 years apart. This is a great little novella, I only wish it had been longer.

Jojo Moyes – Silver Bay

The whale watchers town called Silver Bay is threatened as developers come with plans that will destroy the peaceful town.

Jojo Moyes – The One Plus One

The One Plus One by Jojo Moyles follows Jess Thomas on her journey to give her kids the best she can, under the worst circumstances. A funny, touching tale and a deserved best-seller.

Ananya Mukherjee – Tales from the Tail End: My Cancer Diary

Ananya Mukerjee’s Tales from the Tail End is a tale of hope and courage as she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and began her battle with the cancer, trying to stay cheerful. Sadly, Mukerjee lost her battle in November 2018 but this book is a lasting legacy of her strength, courage and the power to make light even in the darkest of moments and live life to its fullest despite great adversity.

Neel Mukherjee – A State of Freedom

For these five people search for a different life but it’s not going to be an easy road to travel.

Susmita Mukherjee – Mee and Juhibaby

A début novel that captures the bond between mother and daughter as struggling TV writer, Mee reconnects with her estranged mother Juhibaby who’s past life was very different to Mee’s.

Haruki Murakami – After the Quake

After the Quake is six short stories set during the time of the 1995 Kabe earthquake in Japan. No spoiler review by Kasturi Patra.

Haruki Murakami – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

Read our user-submitted book review of Haruki Murakami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, as reviewed by Enchanted Reader.

Haruki Murakami – First Person Singular

First Person Singular is a new collection of short stories written by the internationally acclaimed author, Haruki Murakami. Each of the eight stories are told in the first person and spans from memories of youth and meditations on music to dreamlike scenarios but what they all have in common is their ability to challenge the boundaries between our minds and the exterior world. In some stories, Murakami may or may not be the narrator, asking the question, is this memoir or fiction?

Haruki Murakami – Killing Commendatore

Separating from his wife sends a portrait painter on a mindless journey driving up and down the coastline before old friend offers him his father’s home to live in and then life gets interesting

Haruki Murakami – Men Without Women

Seven tales that show the observational skills of Haruki Murakami as he captures the lives of men who in some way find themselves alone.

Haruki Murakami – Norwegian Wood

Toru, a quiet and serious young college student in Tokyo, loves Naoko, a beautiful and introspective young woman, but their mutual passion is marked by the tragic death of their best friend.

Haruki Murakami – Sputnik Sweetheart

A sweet story about the power and the pain of love.
No spoiler review by Piyush Chourasia.

Dervla Murphy – On A Shoestring To Coorg

This beautifully written and exciting memoir takes the reader on a journey through Southern India, From Bombay to the hippy beaches of Goa and on to the tropical tip of India, travelling by boat and bus, staying in fishermans huts and no-star hotels.

Tim Murphy – Correspondents

A brand new novel from the author of Christodora. Murphy’s ambitious tale follows the story of an American-Lebanese family from 1912 up to the early 21st century. An unforgettable human epic.

Sudha Murty – The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home

Sudha Murty’s The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home is a collection of three children’s stories about a dog called Gopi. Beginning with Gopi getting his new home and settling in with his loving family. Told through Gopi’s eyes, we see how the dog sees the world and what he thinks of the people around him, sharing some of the basic values of humanity through the perspective of an animal.

Sudha Murty – The Serpent’s Revenge

Author Sudha Murty reintroduces the fascinating world of India’s greatest epic “The Mahabharata” through the extraordinary tales in this collection.

Authors N

Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita

Humbert has a fixation with girls aged between 9 and 14 that he finds attractive he refers to them as “nymphets.” A controversial subject in this classic novel by Vladimir Nabokov.

Amitava Nag – Satyajit Ray’s Heroes and Heroines

Amitava Nag explores the memorable Heroes and Heroines created by one of India’s best-known film-makers Satyajit Ray during a career of nearly four decades and 27 feature films.

Ishani Naidu & Kalyani Ganapathi – The Song at the Heart of the River

The Song at the Heart of the River, written by Ishani Naidu and Kalyani Ganapathi is a profound story woven with classical themes of Ayurveda and Vedanta and nature-based analogies. Resonating with both adults and children, with its universal message of happiness, health and recognising the light in your own heart. While activity pages offer a further playful exploration of holistic wellbeing and mental health.

Mamta Nainy – A Brush with Indian Art

The perfect introduction for youngsters to Indian art throughout history, informative, interesting with an easy to follow narrative A Brush With Indian Art comes highly recommended.

Anita Nair – Muezza and Baby Jaan Stories from the Quran

Read about some of the stories from the Quran, God breathing life into the first man and woman, the gift of free will, the ninety-nine names of God, the blessed she-camel, the mighty King Sulaiman and much, much more.

Timothy Nancarrow – Anaimon: The Starfall

The obliteration of the Anaimon’s divine pantheon causes a cataclysm that sends the Gods crashing down to the cities below. Priestess Burning Flower must find the three sigils to restore Anaimon.

Pika Nani – The Adventures of Shrilok Homeless

For Shrilok and Rohan cracking the most bizarre cases and getting their suspect is never a problem, but will Shrilok be a match for his nemesis, Masterji.

Ann Napolitano – Dear Edward

Ann Napolitano’s Dear Edward is a coming-of-age story about mending broken hearts and learning to love again. One summer morning, a flight crashes and 12-year-old Edward is the only survivor. In the aftermath, Edward struggles with his grief and trying to find his way in the world without his family. Then, Edward and his neighbour discover a pile of letters from the relatives of the other passengers, all addressed to him. Edward starts considering what it means to not just survive but to truly live.

Malavika Nataraj – Suraya’s Gift

Surabi’s love of making up little stories becomes much more interesting after a visitor brings her a gift, but her writing takes a much more powerful turn.

Nandini Nayar – Camp Sweets

Raj is going to what has to be the worst summer camp in the world, where they teach children how to become expert sweet makers. He turns up at Camp Sweets determined not to learn anything.

Jandy Nelson – I’ll Give You The Sun

Noah and Jude are twins and have a very close relationship until a tragedy pushes them apart, can they regain the relationship they once had?

Jo Nesbo – Blood On Snow

Olav is good at one thing, his job as a Hitman, this next assignment is going to turn his life upside down, but if he can get through it, he may just end up with everything he ever wanted.

Jo Nesbo – The Bat

Inspector Harry Hole is dispatched to Sydney to observe a murder case but the case is soon linked to a sting of murders, no one is safe not even the people investigating the murders.

Jo Nesbo – The Leopard 

Two young women are found drowned in their own blood, victims of a stalker killer who roams the streets in the depths of winter. The police are running out of options and there is only one man who can help.

Jo Nesbo – Police

Harry Hole returns with some characters from previous books, in this Crime novel, the tenth in the Harry Hole series.

Jo Nesbo – The Thirst

Harry Hole promised he was out of the force after the last case he worked almost took everything from him, but when Tinder girls start turning up dead harry notices a resemblance to the case that he couldn’t solve.

Jo Nesbo – Macbeth 

Here the famous crime writer retells Macbeth in modern surroundings mixing up Shakespeare’s dark tale with Nordic noir.

Patrick Ness Illustrated by Rovina Cai – And The Ocean Was Our Sky

The whales of Bathsheba’s pod live for the hunt, fighting in the war against the world of men. When they attack a ship bobbing on the surface of the Abyss, they expect to find easy prey. Instead, they find the trail of a myth and perhaps the devil himself.

Håkan Nesser – Borkmann’s Point

Get absorbed in this fast moving, prize winning crime novel. No spoiler review by Diddley-Squat’s Books.

Stuart Neville – The Twelve

When contract killer, Gerry Fegan is haunted by the 12 people he murdered, he takes it upon himself to get justice for them, in the form of killing those who hired him.

Cathy Newman – Bloody Brilliant Women

Fill in the gaps in your history with Cathy Newman’s comprehensive book that travels from the 1880s to modern day, telling readers about all the women history teachers forget.

C. A. Newsome – A Shot in the Bark

A Shot in the Bark is the first book in the Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries series. Artist Lia is grieving for her deadbeat boyfriend whose suspected suicide draws the attention of Detective Peter Dourson. Dourson adopts the recently deceased Luthor’s dog in order to infiltrate the group he believes in concealing Luthor’s killer. Meanwhile in this whodunnit, Luthor’s killer will do anything to stay ahead of the investigation, no matter who else has to be killed.

Celeste Ng – Little Fires Everywhere

In Shaker Heights, Cleveland, one family’s past will spark event that will put family’s against each other and have devastating results.

Viet Thanh Nguyen – The Committed

Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Committed is a follow-up to the author’s previous novel, The Sympathizer. This long-awaited novel is a literary thriller that explores commitment and betrayal which a Sympathizer arrives in Paris as a refugee. He and his brother try to escape their pasts and prepare for their futures by turning to capitalists best industry, drug dealing.

Denise Nicholas – Freshwater Road

The debut novel of Denise Nicholas, Freshwater Road is set in 1964 during the civil rights movement in Mississippi. No spoiler review by Teresa M.

David Nicholls – Sweet Sorrow

David Nicholls, the bestselling author of One Day, returns with a humorous yet bittersweet coming-of-age novel, Sweet Sorrow. Sixteen-year-old Charlie Lewis spends much of his life looking after his depressed father and dreading the future. Until that is, Fran Fisher comes into his life and gives him hope. To spend the with Fran, Charlie needs to join The Company – the price of hope is Shakespeare. Twenty years later, on the verge of marriage Charlie must come to terms with his relationship with Fran, his friends, and his former self.

Gary Nicholls – The Imaginarium

The death of Eva Elizabeth Lovelace’s mother during childbirth is just the beginning of a hard life for Eva, how much hardship will this girl endure before she finds happiness?

Sally Nicholls – An Island of Our Own

Sally Nicholls is the Waterstone’s Children’s Prize winner and according to our reviewer, the teen novel An Island of Our Own does not disappoint.

Keith Nixon – The Corpse Role

The Corpse Role is a police thriller by Keith Nixon. Not everything that gets buried, stays buried! Reading addict Sandra Foy loved this, giving it 4.5 stars!

Barney Norris – Five Rivers Met On A Wooded Plain

After a serious car crash five lives come together, each of them dealing with their own disaster one life hangs in the balance.

Graham Norton – Holding

When human remains are discovered on an old farm Sergeant P.J Collins struggles to solve the case, the more he investigates the more of the village’s dark past is revealed.

Graham Norton – Home Stretch

Graham Norton’s Home Stretch is a Sunday Times Bestseller. The novel is set in 1987 as a small Irish community prepare for a wedding. The day before the ceremony though, the group of friends including the bride and groom drive to the beach and get into an accident which results in three of them being killed while three others survive. The lives of the families are shattered and rifts form. Connor, one of the survivors and the driver at the time leaves Ireland, travelling first to Liverpool, then London and finally New York taking his secrets with him.

Liz Nugent – Our Little Cruelties

In Liz Nugent’s dark and twisted novel, Our Little Cruelties, three brothers; Will, Brian and Luke, grow up fighting for their mother’s attention and unequal love, a competition which continues into their adulthood as they compete for status, money, fame and women. Each brother betrays another over and over again until one of them ends up dead, the question is which of the remaining brothers killed him?

Judy Nunn – Elianne

Judy Nunn’s Elianne is a novel that combines historical fiction, thriller and romance. Set on a Queensland sugar mill in the 1960, the story is set to rock ’n’ roll, the rise of feminism, the Vietnam War and the invention of the Pill. The sugar mill was created for and named after Elianne Desmarais, Big Jim’s young, French wife. Elianne and the Durham family have dark secrets that surface, and leave them falling from grace.

Authors O

Joyce Carol Oates – The Other You

Joyce Carol Oates’ The Other You is a collection of reflective short stories which explore the alternative destinies and the other lives we might have lived if we’d made different choices. Examining circumstances of our birth and lives, and the pressures and expectations placed, in particular, on women. This short story collection proves why Joyce Carol Oates is still one of our most celebrated literary figures.

Michelle Obama – Becoming

Becoming is the autobiography of former first lady of the United States and inspirational feminist, Michelle Obama. The book which begins in her childhood, follows her career, love life and, of course, her marriage to former president Barak Obama, offering an insight into life in the White House.

Tea Obreht – Inland

Inland is the New York Times Bestseller from the award-winning author of The Tigers Wife, Tea Obreht. Based on true but little-known history, Inland is an epic re-telling of the myths of the American West in Tea Obreht’s own unique and unforgettable way.

Patrick O’Brian – Aubrey/Maturin Tales

A review of the complete collection of the seafaring tales, following the adventures of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin. Loved by our regular contributor Campbell McAulay.

Tara O’Connor – The Altered History of Willow Sparks

Tara O’Connor’s graphic novel, The Altered History of Willow Sparks, is a fantasy tale which tells the story of a nerdy teenager who discovers a magical book with the power to re-write history. However, she soon learns the cost of getting everything you ever wanted.

Maggie O’Farrell – Hamnet

Maggie O’Farrell’s Hamnet is the winner of the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction and a Sunday Times Bestseller. It’s a novel inspired by the son of famous playwright, William Shakespeare. It is a tale that explores the bond of twin siblings and of a marriage pushed to the brink by despair and grief.

Chris Offutt – The Killing Hills

At the heart of Chris Offutt’s thriller novel, The Killing Hills is Mick Hardin a combat veteran now working as an Army CID agent who is home on leave which is close to ending. His wife is about to give birth but they’re not getting along. Meanwhile, Mick’s sister newly appointed sheriff has landed her first murder case but local politicians are pushing for the police or FBI to take the case so she calls on Mick and his experience to help. Mick delves deep into the investigation, dodging urgent calls from his commanding officer as he tried to stop any further murders.

Eugene O’Neill – The Iceman Cometh

Hickly, a travelling salesman is determined to squash the dreams that are talked about but never acted upon of a group of misfits and alcoholics.

Dawn O’Porter – So Lucky

If you think everyone else has it better than you, then Dawn O’Porter’s novel, So Lucky is here to remind you that people’s lives are not always as perfect as they seem. So Lucky is a fearless and feminist novel about perfection in a modern world, in which social media curated appearances can hide a darker truth.

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard – Killing England

Through the eyes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Great Britain’s King George III the path to independence is chronicled from the battlefields of America to the royal courts of Europe.

Nick Offerman – Gumption

Nick Offerman combines both serious history with light-hearted humour as he focuses on the lives of those who inspired him, he describes twenty-one heroic figures and why they inspire in him such great meaning.

Chris Offutt – Country Dark

The story of Tucker, a young veteran who returns from war to work for a bootlegger. Tucker falls in love and starts a family but when they are threatened he is pushed into violence, and that changes everything.

Temi Oh – Do You Dream of Terra-Two?

This début novel by Temi Oh explores the relationships of six teenagers and four experienced astronauts on their 23-year journey to the planet Terra-Two. When something goes wrong they only have each other to rely on.

Tsugumi Ohba / Takeshi Obata – Death Note 1-4

A review of the Magna series Death Note, 1 to 4 of the 12 book series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, as reviewed by reading addict Drew Hayes.

Robert Olmstead – Savage Country

Michael Coughlin is hoping to settle his dead brother’s debt, he along with his widowed sister in law hope to salvage her former life by going on a buffalo hunt.

Michael Ondaatje – Warlight

It’s 1945 and London is still reeling from the Blitz, 14-year-old Nathaniel and his sister, Rachel, are seemingly abandoned by their parents, left in the care of an enigmatic figure named The Moth who they think may be a criminal.

Tommy Orange – There, There

There’s There is Tommy’s Orange’s debut novel, a pacey multi-generational novel that tells the story of twelve individual native Americans who live in Oakland, California. A heartbreaking tale of identity struggles.

Julie Orringer – The Flight Portfolio

From award-winning writer Julie Orringer read a new story of Europe’s wartime Refugee Crisis. The impossible to put down tale of the real-life quest of Varian Fry who travelled to France to rescue artists and writers from the impending Holocaust.

George Orwell – Nineteen Eighty-Four

George Orwell’s dystopian novel is one of the most talked about books in the entire world, and rightly so as Nineteen Eighty-Four is the definitive dystopian novel.

George Orwell – Animal Farm

When Mr Jones’ animals take over Manor Farm they believe life will be full of freedom and equality but soon find themselves under a new type of tyranny.

Julie Otsuka – The Swimmers

From the internationally bestselling author of The Buddha in the Attic, Julie Otsuka’s The Swimmers is a novel about a mother and a daughter caught up in grief, memories, love and loss. Alice is part of a group of recreational swimmers who find kinship in their local swimming pool. However, a crack soon appears beneath the surface of the water at the same time as Alice’s memory begins to crack too. Her husband and daughter are faced with the dilemma of how to care for her, as Alice struggles to live in a home she’s not sure is her home at all.

Clément Oubrerie and Marguerita Abouet – Aya

Studious and clear-sighted Aya and her friends Adjoua and Bintou desire joy and freedom from meddling relatives and neighbours as they enjoy the sun warmed streets of Yop city.

Delia Owens – Where the Crawdads Sing    

When a body is found, Kya Clarke, the marsh-girl, is suspect number one. However, she’s not as wild as she seems. Despite her difficult and violent past, we soon see another side to her as her life is revealed in a coming-of-age tale.

Helen Oyeyemi – Gingerbread

Award-winning author Oyeyemi’s latest novel. A bewitching tale of one family’s legacy, the recipe for delicious, hard to resist, gingerbread.

Helen Oyeyemi – Peaces

Helen Oyeyemi’s Peaces is a brilliant, strange, and beautiful novel that tells the story of Otto and Xavier Shin. The couple takes a mysterious train journey which takes them way beyond their destination. As the carriage chugs along the track, they discover one curiosity after another. Who is Ava Kapoor, the sole full-time inhabitant of the train? Are these passengers prisoners? The reader slowly gathers clues to learn who orchestrated this journey.

Helen Oyeyemi – White is for Witching 

Oyeyemi’s tale is a surreal page-turner that creeps off the page sending tingles up your spine. Haunted houses, female insanity and twins, three great ingredients for this atmospheric and macabre story.

Meirav Oz – One Wrong Move

Karnie is struggling to find the perfect balance between a busy working life and having a life outside work, will she manage to find her equilibrium?

Authors P

Roopa Pai – From Leeches to Slug Glue

From India’s bestselling children’s author comes this wonderfully written account of how medicine has developed. Stories that will inspire as well as educate. Full of fascinating facts to interest both children and adults.

Danielle Paige – Dorothy Must Die

Danielle Page’s take on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Dorothy Must Die, as reviewed by Reading Addict, Bookworm Bird.

Camille Pagan – This Won’t End Well

A witty novel, Camille Pagan’s This Won’t End Well introduces Annie Mercer who decides she needs space from everyone. However, when Harper moves in next door, Annie finds her attention drawn to this glamourous but fragile woman and teams up with Mo, an amateur detective, to keep Harper safe. When her fiancé Jon reappears in her life, asking Annie to join him in France, she’s pretty sure it won’t end well.

Chuck Palahniuk – Haunted

Within this novel are twenty-three short stories told by those while attending an artistic retreat that turns out to be nothing that they expected.

Chuck Palahniuk – Snuff

Setting out to become a world record breaker, Cassie Wright is an aging pornography queen attempting to sleep with 600 men in a movie.

Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit – Prison Days

When Mahatma Gandhi joined the freedom struggle, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit threw herself wholeheartedly into the Movement, along with her father, brother Jawaharlal, and husband.

Christopher Paolini – The Fork the Witch and the Worm

Eragon departed Alagaësia to train a new generation of Dragon Riders a year has passed and he is struggling with endless tasks but a much-needed distraction and a new perspective is around the corner.

Carolyn Parkhurst – The Nobodies Album

The Nobodies Album is a twisty-turny crime novel sure to draw you in, and loved by our reviewer Teresa M.

Adele Parks – I Invited Her In

A story which explores the nuances of female friendships, envy, revenge and the dangers of keeping secrets in this psychological thriller from Adele Parks.

Colin R. Parsons – Wizards’ Exile

Magic, Sky Ships and dragons, Wizard’s Exile offers high fantasy, fun and adventure, all written for children.

Alan Partridge – Nomad

Alan Partridge is determined to complete a journey of immense personal significance, to travel around parts of Britain and keeping his notes in the form of a ‘journey journal’

Sara Pascoe – Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body

Comedian, Sara Pascoe presents a brilliantly funny, yet well-researched and scientific exploration of the female body and experience.

Seth Patrick – The Reviver

Jonah Miller brings the dead back to bear witness to their own murders but on one case he has the feeling something is watching him. But what?

Sarah Patt – Because Of Savannah

Dakota thought nothing could be as bad as losing her mother, unfortunately she finds out how wrong she can be when her father suddenly dies, but with these tragedies comes a sibling she never knew she had.

Devdutt Pattanaik – The Boys Who Fought

The retelling of the Mahabharata written for a new generation of readers in this charmingly illustrated book.

Devdutt Pattanaik – The Girl Who Chose

The choices we make in our day to day lives have a knock on effect that and we must accept the consequences that unfold from those choices.

Devdutt Pattanaik – Shyam, Our Little Krishna: Read and Colour

An all-in-one children’s storybook and colouring book from one of India’s most loved mythologists, Devdutt Pattanaik. In this lovely children’s book, Pattanaik introduces the story of Krishna, fondly known as Shyam to a new generation of young readers.

Devdutt Pattanaik – Vahana Gods and their Favourite Animals

Devdutt Pattanaik’s Vahana Gods and their Favourite Animals is a children’s book that combines colouring and reading. The book explores the gods and their companion animals.

James Patterson & Howard Roughan – Don’t Blink

James Patterson & Howard Roughan join to create this terrifying crime novel. No spoiler review by Siobhan Dale.

James Patterson – The Last Days of John Lennon

The Last Days of John Lennon is a true-crime story from music history told by one of the greatest crime writers, James Patterson alongside Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge. Created using exclusive interviews with Lennon’s friends and associates including bandmate Paul McCartney, this is the thrilling story of two men who changed history.

Joel Richard Paul – Without Precedent

No American had a better impact on the constitution and Supreme Court than john Marshall. Chief justice, statesman and diplomat Marshall shaped the foundations of the United States today.

Kishan Paul – The Second Wife

After two years David learns his wife’s disappearance was actually an abduction, as he sets out to save Alisha from her capture will she still be the women he fell in love with?

Randy Pausch – The Last Lecture

Based on the lecture given by Randy Pausch shortly after being given the diagnosis of terminal cancer. This review contains spoilers.

Michelle Paver – Dark Matter

Dark Matter is a scary ghost story that promises to have you on the edge of your seat. Popular with younger readers and adults alike and reviewed here by regular addict Campbell McAulay.

Mervyn Peake – Titus Groan

Titus is born the heir to lord Sepulchrave and set to inherit Gormenghast Castle but Steerpkie seeks to exploit Titus’ family for his own profit.

Mervyn Peake – Gormenghast

Steerpike will stop at nothing to climb towards his desires and in his wake lies imprisonment, manipulation and murder.

Mervyn Peake – Titus Alone

After escaping the Castle Titus finds himself in a big, bustling city but it’s not long before he wants to return home but will he find his way back?

Tim Peake – Hello, Is This Planet Earth

Spending six months in space wasn’t enough for Tim Peake, find out what else he did during his time on the International Space Station with 150 stunning pictures.

Clare Pedrick – Chickens Eat Pasta

After watching a video showing a chicken eating spaghetti in a village in central Italy, Clare heads out to start a new life.

George Pelecanos – The Double

The second in a series of crime novels to feature Speros Lucas, written by George Pelacanos and loved by our reviewer Colin Ricketts.

Dave Pelzer – A Child Called “It”

Dave isn’t a child he’s an it, a slave and a thing to play torturous, unpredictable games with. The story of his Dave’s early years and the horrors of child abuse.

Sarah Penner – The Lost Apothecary

A New York Times Top Ten Bestseller, Sarah Penner’s The Lost Apothecary is set in eighteenth-century London where a secret apothecary shop caters to its unusual customers. Whispers echo across the city from woman to woman, telling to the secret of a mysterious figure called Nelle who sells poisons for the oppressive men in their lives. Meanwhile, in present-day London, aspiring historian Caroline Parcewell stumbles upon a clue to the unsolved apothecary murders which occurred 200 years ago.

Mary A. Perez – Running in Heels

Running in Heels: A memoir of grit and grace is a memoir that delivers. A personal story with many ups and downs, well written and complete.

Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules for Life

Psychologist Jordan B. Peterson answers the question of what everyone in the modern world needs to know by uniquely combining the Hard-won truths of ancient tradition with scientific research.

Carissa Phelps with Larkin Warren – Runaway Girl

The unexpected kindness of a teacher and a counsellor helped turn Carissa Phelps life round leaving the streets and graduating from UCLA with a law degree and an MBA.

Nathaniel Philbrick – Travels With George

In Travels with George: In Search of Washington and His Legacy, author Nathaniel Philbrick retraces Washington’s journey as a new president as he travelled through all thirteen former colonies to weave a personal history of the president and explore his unique contribution to America.

Julia Phillips – Disappearing Earth

Julia Phillips’ brilliant debut novel is spellbinding, suspenseful and thrilling in equal measure. Disappearing Earth is the disturbing story of two young Russian girls who go missing without trace and the impact this has on their community.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips – Natural Born Charmer

Natural Born Charmer is the seventh book in the Chicago Stars romantic comedy series, enjoyed by our reading addict, Teresa M who listened to the audio book.

Christine Pride and Jo Piazza – We Are Not Like Them

We Are Not Like Them by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza is a powerful story of friendship, race and justice. Riley and Jen have been best friends since childhood and their bond has remained unbreakable despite the Riley is Black and Jen is White. When Jen’s husband, a Philadelphia police officer, is involved in the shooting of an unarmed Black teenager, though, their relationship could be completely destroyed.

Jodi Picoult – The Pact

The grittiness of everyday life is captured in Picoult’s The Pact. Read Sarah Griffith’s review on this thought provoking novel.

Jodi Picoult – The Storyteller

Sage Singer’s physical scars cause her to separate herself from building meaningful relationships, but as she gets close to Josef Weber, an old man that visits the bakery she’s confronted with a difficult decision.

Jodi Picoult – Handle with Care

Sometimes the stakes are so high that friendships are tested to their absolute limits. Another belter of a drama from Jodi Picoult.

Jodi Picoult – Nineteen Minutes

A high school shooting leads to another gritty courtroom drama from Jodi Picoult. Topical, horrifying and brilliant portrayed ‘one of the best from this author’.

Jodi Picoult – Plain Truth

Plain Truth is a crime novel and courtroom drama written in true Picoult style and gripping to the last as a murder shatters the calm of this Amish community.

Jodi Picoult – Salem Falls

The award winning Jodi Picoult brings another engrossing crime novel, Salem Falls, the book behind the film. Review submitted by Sarah Griffiths.

Jodi Picoult – Sing you Home

Sing you Home is a romantic suspense novel exploring the challenges faced by gender and the modern family as a lesbian fights her ex-husband for the right to use her frozen embryos.

Jodi Picoult – Small Great Things

Ruth Jefferson has more than twenty years experience as a labour and delivery nurse, when a child goes into cardiac distress Ruth has a choice to make, obey orders not to treat the child or intervene?

Sarah Pinborough – Mayhem

Set in the late 1800’s London while Jack the Ripper is at his prime, another killer skulks in his shadow “The Torso Killer” Dr. Bond who visits the opium dens by night may have seen this much more sinister killer.

Jerry Pinto, Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu – PHISS PHUSS BOOM

Jerry Pinto, Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu look back at their childhoods living in Goa, Kerala and Bengal, respectively, and bring these three explosive stories.

Sylvia Plath – Collected Poems

Sylvia Plath’s brilliant poetry is brought together in “The Collected Poems”. Reviewed by Bo Jack.

Sylvia Plath – Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-1963

Letters home gives a look into one of twentieth-century’s greatest poets, starting from her time in Smith College up to February 1963.

Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar

Winning an internship on a New York fashion magazine was meant to be a lifelong dream but soon becomes out of control as she slips into insanity.

C.L. Polk – The Midnight Bargain

From the World Fantasy Award-winning author of Witchmark, C.L. Polk, comes a new romantic, fantasy novel. The Midnight Bargain, is set in a world reminiscent of Regency England in which is sorceress must balance the fine line between becoming the first great female magician and her family duty. If she marries though, her magic will be taken from her.

Billy Porter – Unprotected: A Memoir

Billy Porter is the Grammy, Emmy, and Tony award-winner best known for playing Pray Tell in Pose and Lola in Broadway’s Kinky Boots. Unprotected is Billy Porter’s memoir that spans his life and career from childhood to adulthood. Porter opens up about his experience growing up gay and Black in America in this beautifully resonating tale of trauma and healing, determination, and unashamed queerness and Blackness that the world tried to take away from Billy Porter.

Regina Porter – The Travelers

Regina Porter’s debut novel is a generational saga of two interconnected American families. The story begins in the 1950s, telling the stories of these vividly drawn and compelling characters as their lives intertwine in this intimate tale.

Kit Power – GodBomb!

In an attempt to get answers from God, a man straps explosives to himself and heads into a born-again revival meeting. Will he get the answers he’s looking for?

Kevin Powers – A Shout in the Ruins

Set in Virginia during the Civil War and the century beyond, A Shout in the Ruins explores the often brutal legacy of violence and race wars in the USA.

Richard Powers – Bewilderment

Richard Powers’ Bewilderment ask the question, how do we tell children the truth about our beautiful but damaged planet. The main character Theo Byrne is a young scientist who has found a way to search for life on other planets. He is also the father to Robin, an unusual nine-year-old who thinks and feels deeply but is a risk of being expelled from school after hitting a friend. What can Theo do when the only solution to his son’s behaviour is drugs. What can he do, other than taking the boy to other planets with his work, when Robin asks for an explanation of a world that loves its own destruction.

Richard Powers – The Overstory

When a banyan saves an Air Force Loadmaster after being shot out of the sky, an artist inherits a creativity for hundreds of years of photographic portraits. In his twelfth novel, National Book Award winner Richard Powers delivers a sweeping, impassioned novel of activism and resistance.

Dr Manjiri Prabhu – The DOGtrine of Peace: A unique guide to spiritual awakening and enlightenment

In her book, Dr. Manjiri Prabhu pours a lifetime of work with dogs and her learnings into the pages which explore a spiritual adventure. The DOGtrine of Peace is a unique guide to spiritual awakening and enlightenment filled with anecdotes from dog owners, scientists and animal activists to find the way to inner peace with man’s best friend, a dog.

Manjiri Prabhu – The Revolt of the Lamebren

Imagine being born with an expiry date. That’s the reality for Zinnia, one of the Lamebren in the first book of the Super-Dome Chronicles.

Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman – Good Omens

Good Omens is a fantasy collaboration between two of the greatest authors in the field, Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett. Loved by reading addict, Debbie McCarthy.

Terry Pratchett – Equal Rites

Equal Rites is the third novel in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, reviewed here by Reading Addict, Debbie McCarthy and described as hilarious.

Terry Pratchett – Mort

Mort becomes Death’s apprentice to get away from the family farming business but finds it’s his love life that is dying.

Terry Pratchett – Snuff

A review of the 39th novel in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, done in true comedy fantasy style as only Pratchett could. Reviewed here by prolific reviewer, Campbell McAulay.

Terry Pratchett – A Slip of the Keyboard

A laugh out-loud collection from the late-great Sir Terry Pratchett which offers an insight into the creation of Discworld and the brilliant man behind the series. Made up of newspaper clippings, speeches and other information this book offers a fascinating window into Pratchett’s world.

Lara Prescott – The Secrets We Kept

Lara Prescott’s debut novel is a tale full of thrills and intrigue, full of historical insight. The story of Boris Pasternak, his mistress and muse Olga Ivinskaya and his most famous work. Two female spies plot to smuggle Dr Zhivago out of Russia in order that it be published and shared with the world.

Steven Pressfield – Gates of Fire

From the bestselling author of “The Legend of Bagger Vance”. The fascinating and gripping story of 300 Spartans, Persian archers, and the epic Battle of Thermopylae.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child – City of Endless Night

City of Endless Night is the seventeenth novel in the Pendergast series of detective novels featuring FBI agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast.

Amanda Prowse – Another Love

A new neighbour changes Romilly’s life, this new happiness comes with a price but nothing a drink of wine can’t fix, eventually it will catch up with her.

Amanda Prowse – The Art of Hiding

A car accident that kills her husband Finn throws Nina’s life from perfection and luxury to facing the reality of taking control of her own future for her children’s sake.

Amanda Prowse – The Coordinates of Loss

From bestselling author Amanda Prowse, a tale of a blissful life, a happy marriage, a beloved son and a tragedy that destroys it all.

Amanda Prowse – Theo

Theo grew up in a rich family with toys and trinkets but his childhood was full of neglect, Anna grew up in a care home and longs to create a noisy family she never had, can these damaged souls leave their different pasts behind or will their love damage each other further?

Amanda Prowse – The Things I Know 

The way that Prowse handles the sensitive issues in this story, will have you reading through a whole range of emotions. This is a story full of sadness happiness and hope about someone who is seen as different and feels they don’t fit in.

Shannon Pufahl – On Swift Horses

Shannon Pufahl’s On Swift Horse in a beautiful début novel full of emotion which tells the tale of newly married and newly orphaned Muriel who works in a diner pouring coffee, eaves-dropping on her ex-jockey and Del Mar Race Track trainer customers, and eventually secretly betting on the horses. On Swift Horses is ultimately a novel about our quest for freedom, new horizons, and love and the gamble we so often take with the human heart.

Philip Pullman – Northern Lights

With Lyra’s friend Roger missing she and her daemon, Pantalaimon set out to find him, this quest will lead them to the North and a epic adventure.

Philip Pullman – The Subtle Knife

Will and Lyra are both searching for something when they find each other but neither knows how intertwined their lives are until they’re spit apart.

Michael Punke – Ridgeline

Ridgeline sees the long-awaited returns of Michael Punke, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Revenant. This saga, based on real people and events, is set in 1866 as a new war breaks out just after the civil war between Native tribes and those who wish to claim the land they’ve lived on for centuries.

E.R. Punshon – Information Received

In a London townhouse, Sir Christopher Clarke lies murdered, his safe rifled just hours after changing his will. Fraud is just one of the complications that will make this case difficult, but who is the killer?

Mario Puzo – The Godfather

The 1940’s, in the core of the American Mafia the Corleone family are drawn together and ripped apart among the tale of blackmail, murder and family values.

David Pyle – Between Life and Death

Seventeen year old James Earl Williams is looking forward to a new life away from gang riddled neighbourhoods and fast paced crime but supernatural forces are searching for something that he unknowingly has.