“Gripping…By merging cli-fi and nature writing, the novel powerfully demonstrates the spiritual and emotional costs of environmental destruction.”


Just finished Once There Were Wolves by Charlotte McConaghy. Audible version.
This book by the author of Migrations is also about the environment, but this time the story revolves around the reintroduction of Wolves to the remote highlands of Scotland.

Inti Flynn has come to reintroduce the wolves to this area just like they were at Yellowstone Park.   She has come with her sister Aggie, who is now mute due to an incident involving spousal abuse. 

The farmers are not happy with the wolves coming back,  but they have been reassured of being compensated for any lost livestock and they have the right to shoot any wolf who is on their property who is attacking their cows and sheep.

When a local farmer goes missing and is presumed dead they begin to suspect the wolves of being responsible.  Init takes action to try and protect them.   She feels the wolves are not responsible and she starts to believe the local constable who she is beginning to have a relationship with may be responsible.

The rest of the story is a mystery with some very interesting twists and turns up to the final page.
A well written thriller by a very talented writer.
Highly recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 6th October 2021

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