Sneak Peek: The Personal Libraries of our Favourite Authors

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Have you ever wondered what your favourite author likes to read, and what his or her book collection is like? Authors tend to be a well read sort, and that means impressive libraries, so we’ve scoured the net to bring you the personal libraries of some of the best known authors.

Remember to breathe, in we go!


Neil Gaiman

I couldn’t help but lead with Neil Gaiman who has one of the most enviable home libraries I have ever seen. Here’s just a slice of his collection and it’s crammed to bursting!


William Faulkner

This is a shot of Faulkner’s library at Rowan Oak. Sadly we can’t see the book spines to get a sneak of the kind of books he liked, but it’s a beautiful space all the same.


Phillip Pullman

Here’s Phillip Pullman’s study, he seems to be suffering the same problem as many readers do, not enough shelves!


Agatha Christie

Quintessentially British, here’s Agatha Christie in her summer home in Devon in England. As you’d expect the main room has books aplenty.


George R. R. Martin

Remember that time ABC news toured George Martin’s home? Well if you missed it, here’s a sneak peek of the author in his library. We see fantasy characters feature almost as heavily as books in what looks like a magical room.


Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer’s apartment in Brooklyn Heights was basically just a huge library with a mezzanine library attached… of course.


J. R. R. Tolkien

Here’s Tolkien involved in an animated discussion in his library. I’d give anything for a browse of those shelves and a quickly nose through the papers on that desk.


Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou kept a small library in the space next to her bedroom, and it’s certainly crammed to the rafters, we just wish we could see the spines!


Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett’s books are zany and chaotic, so we’re not at all surprised to see the author’s personal library is a little chaotic too! We love it.


Ray Bradbury

Here’s Ray Bradbury and his wife in a room full of books at home, sometime around 1970.


It’s in our nature to be nosy so we hope you enjoyed that little look around the personal libraries of some of our favourite authors. We only wish we could read the spines! Maybe we need to follow this up with the favourite books of your favourite authors.

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Captain Scott 's Copperfield

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The book was taken on the Terra Nova expedition in 1910 by Captain Scott with the view to sustain morale among his men. Captain Scott and his men would take it in turns to read chapters to the group, keeping spirits up during the harsh Antarctic conditions. David Copperfield was written in periodical chapters with intriguing cliffhangers, making it perfect for reading aloud together.

There was a British tradition of taking libraries of books on expeditions, with Sir John Franklin taking over 1000 books with him on his 1845 journey to the Arctic including some novels by Charles Dickens such as The Pickwick Papers and Nicholas Nickleby. 

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Nora Roberts, who has written 100s of novels and sold millions worldwide, filed the suit against Serruya in Rio De Janeiro.

The alleged plagiarism first brought to the attention of romance novelist Courtney Milan by her readers who uncovered many examples of almost identical passages taken from different authors. Fellow author Nora Roberts then discovered 41 authors over 93 books had been copied by Serruya, writing on her blog:

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