“Haig writes exquisitely from the perspective of the heart-sore outsider, but at their most moving his novels reveal the unbearable beauty of ordinary life.”



This is the story of Tom Hazard who harbors a secret. He was born early in the 17th Century in France and he still lives today. This story is somewhat reminiscent of the novel Forever by Pete Hamill. Tom ages very slowly, about one year or so per decade.

His mother was killed as a witch because of this so he has been on the run ever since that happened. At some point he will discover their are others like him, and there is a man named Hendrich who has formed a secret society around these people offering them protection with changes of identity and new documents every eight years.

The only catch is that every once in awhile you have to go out on assignment for him, trying to bring other ageless wonders into the fold. Hendrich also has one big piece of advice for Tom. That is to never fall in love, as it makes living so intolerable when you lose your loved ones and you continue to go on almost forever.

But Tom fell in love before he met Hendrich and had a baby daughter who will turn out just like him. He will spend centuries looking for her.

The story is told in constant flashbacks to different centuries and these are by far the best parts of the book. The society which provides most of the drama in the story is ok, but I preferred the stories of the past much more.

At 325 pages it is a quick read especially as the chapters are usually only a few pages. If you like books of this nature I think you will enjoy it very much. Recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 10th May 2018

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