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I’m not sure that I actually got a reply to my previous question (why does this volume have a sub-title, Mockingjay Pt 2?). Our games winner arrives home and tries to settles down to normal life. How is that possible when that worthy has witnessed or actually killed some of the other competitors.

Nightmares trouble all the victors and many have descend into drug and drink abuse, or just plain mental illness. Because the games of have been ongoing for 75 years, many victors have died, and some of them are now in their dotage.

Every 25 years the rules of games change as an extra nose-rubbing, and the 75th is no different. This time though, there is much unease over the rule change.

The games begin and in most cases is goes to the plan of the gamesmakers. However, there’s an under lying added layer of tension. Eventually the games to a spectacular, and unexpected end. Chaos descends; along with book’s closure.

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Reviewed by:

Ron Clark

Added 18th August 2015

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Back at district 12 Katnis Everdeen is trying to come to terms with life after competing in the hunger games, along with figuring out her feeling for the two men in her life. The problem with this is that there is still more Victory Ceremonies to take place, Katnis and Peeta must travel to each district.

The defiance within the hunger games when Katnis presented berries, in a clever ploy to get both herself and Peeta out of the games alive, her attempts in the aftermath to come across as someone so madly in love that she couldn’t take the blame for her actions haven’t worked as well as she needed them to.

President Snow turns up at her home, before the Victor’s Tour begins he informs Katnis that she has in fact convinced the capital of her love for Peeta, but members in some of the other districts have seen it as an act of defiance and with no consequences for her actions.

During her travels around the districts she must once again take up the role of the lover, while preventing any further acts of defiance that could be misconstrued as rebellious intentions and ignite an uprising. It soon becomes clear that this is an impossible task, that the hold over the people in the districts has already been compromised.

Unfortunately there is already a backup plan to deal with this situation and as the 75th hunger games are looming the announcement is made, from within the convenience of an envelope the words are aired to the country, the tributes for the 75th hunger games are to be chosen from the victors of the previous games.

Katniss Everdeen, being the only female victor from district 12 will be re-entering the hunger games, but will it be Peeta or Haymitch joining her?


Reviewed by:

Mathew Hooper

Added 13th November 2015

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