Literary Gifts from the Creative Mind of myBOOKmark.

The young Ukrainian brand myBOOKmark was produced by the wonderfully creative mind of Olena Mysnyk. The company ethos centres on working hard to create a gift experience full of fun: from the packaging, to the bookmark itself, and from the reactions you get from people around you.

Quidditch, anyone?

The bookmarks are available on the myBOOKmark website, and on their Etsy page, where you can see the vast choice of themes the team provide. We have selected some of the literary themed bookmarks available, although I seriously suggest a little look at all they offer. There are zombies, mermaids, foxes, and ballerinas to choose from alongside the familiar literary characters.

Olena and her all-female team of artists create each piece with a real sense of whimsy and fun, paying a lot of attention to detail. Each bookmark is not to be treated as we would treat the random debris we sometimes use to mark a page: till receipt, bus ticket, the book’s own page… They are made and packaged with care by a group of very excited people who cannot wait for you to treasure your new book buddy.

Many iconic feet have been immortalised as a bookmark by Olena and her team. You wouldn’t be hard pressed to find your perfect reading companion: Hobbit or Direwolf, Harry Potter or Dorothy? My personal favourite is this Alice in Wonderland leggy bookmark, complete with one of my favourite quotes:

Down the rabbit hole…

Now for the big question…

Which house did the Sorting Hat sort you into?

Gryffindor? Slytherin? Hufflepuff? or Ravenclaw?

No matter which house you are aligned to, Olena’s team can provide you with your own house companion as they welcome custom orders. I would adore a bookmark with little Hufflepuff socks!

House colours to make you proud!

myBOOKmark also offer a range of animal feet such as bears, cats, and dogs that would suit a young reader who would appreciate a gift like this. I was considering this detailed pair of Hobbit feet for my son whose massive plates make me wonder if he is part-Baggins.

Look at those grubby tootsies!

For those in love with the classics there is a fabulous pair of witches legs adorned with ruby slippers. The bookmark has a fun print, with the famous line “There’s no place like home…”.

I always feel at home with a book.

There must be an endless supply of iconic feet to produce but perhaps none so iconic as these literary lovelies of Dorothy’s. The crinkling in the ankle socks is a lovely touch.

It seems the witch got her own back on Dorothy

I’d love to see The Gruffalo, dragon’s feet, or perhaps the feet of Frankenstein’s monster… Or how about a depiction of your own favourite shoes? Or the comfy skippers you may wear while curled up in your favourite reading chair? There are so many possibilities to these bookmarks and we can’t wait to know what your ideas would be.

If anyone purchase one, or receives one as a literary gift, we would love to see- especially if it is a unique custom made order!

Let us know what your ideal character bookmark would be in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

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