Remus the Dog: Fully Trained in Potter Spells

Harry Potter is super cool, and this is the Internet so we know you all love puppies and this blog contains a combination of both of those things! Remus the dog is the latest Instagram sensation and he’s not only abso-bloody-lutely adorable, but he’s also fully trained in Harry Potter spells!

Remus is a longhaired mini dachshund, his Instagram profile tells us he “loves belly rubs, and hates full moons” and it’s packed with adorable videos and images of this Harry Potter loving pooch.

I mean, just look!

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expecto patronap. 💤

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Is it possible to die of cute? We think it might be!

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oh hello, world. 💙 (📷: @jameschatstv)

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and what’s more, his owners have trained the little pooch to respond to Harry Potter spells.

We can’t cope with the level of adorability! Call the healers and cart us off to St Mungo’s.

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