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For Reading Addicts has more to offer than just your run of the mill book reviews, I love to give our readers a bit more to get their proverbial teeth into! While I used to run FRA alone, we now have lots of enthusiastic literature lovers to help. As well as in the blog and pages sections, you’ll find us around our social media pages too so please try and remember we are people too, not just words on a screen.

It is on this page that you will find a whole plethora of interesting articles from the polls that require your input to a Word of the Day. In amongst the pages here you will find ‘me’ and hopefully, with your continued support – ‘you’ too.

My only sadness about the pages of Kath’s blog is that each new post does not have the same unmistakeable aroma of a new book, that you cannot feel the pages but rest assured, as much heart and soul has gone into these pages as a newly published novel.

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Brand New Malorie Blackman Book on the Way

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Fans of Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses series listen up! Blackman is publishing a new book in this brilliant series. The first four Noughts and Crosses books are a brilliant…

13 Ridiculous Ways to Store Your Books

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Storing books used to be so easy: all one would have to do is place a book on a shelf and hey presto! Your books are displayed. Some people have…

Word of the Day – Zeitgeber

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Zeitgaber (noun) zait-gay-ber A rhythmically occurring natural phenomenon which acts as a cue in the regulation of the body's circadian rhythms. 1950s: from German Zeitgeber, from Zeit ‘time’ + Geber…

‘Fear’ by Bob Woodward Has Sold Almost as Many Copies in a Week as ‘The Art of the Deal’ Has in 30 Years

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Bob Woodward's Fear is arguably the biggest book of 2018 and, despite being released only last week, has already sold over a million copies. It was reported that the book…

Word of the Day – Plosive

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Plosive (adj) plo-siv Denoting a consonant that is produced by stopping the airflow using the lips, teeth, or palate, followed by a sudden release of air. Late 19th century: shortening…

We Have Always Lived in the Castle: The Adaptation Trailer is Here

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I wouldn't say that Gothic fiction is exactly my thing, but I needed a novel of this genre for October's Cwts Book Club. I trawled through my TBR pile and…

Quiz – Months – September

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18 literary questions with a September theme.   (more…)

Lingerie company to remove ‘Sexy’ Handmaid’s Tale costume

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As Halloween draws near we start thinking of costumes... And how we can tie in our literary heroes to our costume design... The Handmaid's Tale has proven to be very…

Quiz: Stephen King – Missing Words

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To mark Stephen King’s birthday on 21st September this quiz uses the titles of his novels all with one word missing. Just guess the right word!   (more…)

Word of the Day – Repudiation

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Repudiation (noun) rep-oo-dee-ay-shun Rejection of a proposal or idea. (more…)

The Man Booker Shortlist 2018 is here

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Earlier in the year we brought you the longlist for one of the most coveted prizes in literature, the Man Booker Prize. The longlist is know as the Man Booker…

Church Leaders Call for Ban on LGBT Books, During Banned Books Week

| Libraries, Literary Events, News | One Comment
Established by the American Library Association in 1982, Banned Books Week begins every year on the last week of September. The week celebrates books that have been censored or outright…

10 books by UK comedians to tickle your funny bone

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Comedians in the UK have always tried to test the boundaries of humour, shine a light on odd cultural norms, and have been instrumental in the evolution of comedy as…

Word of the Day – Apprise

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Apprise (verb) ap-raiz Inform or tell (someone) Late 17th century: from French appris, apprise, past participle of apprendre ‘learn, teach’, from Latin apprehendere (see apprehend). (more…)

2018 National Book Awards Longlist: Nonfiction

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All this week we’ve been bringing you the longlists for the National Book Awards, courtesy of the New Yorker. We started with fiction, then young people’s literature before covering the…

George R.R. Martin Thinks ‘Game of Thrones’ Could’ve Run for 13 Seasons

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Game of Thrones is set to air its eighth and final season in the Spring of next year, but the author of the books the show is based on, George…

Word of the Day – Uphap

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Uphap (adverb) (archaic) up-hap Perhaps, possibly Medieval English (more…)

New Book Explores the Relationship Between Writers and their Cats

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Released last month, Writers and Their Cats does exactly what it says on the tin. Writers are a solitary sort, at home all day, and so it does make them…

The full trailer for Netflix THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE is here!

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The teaser trailer for The Haunting of Hill House from Netflix was spooky and eerie but it told us very little about the book, but now, finally the full trailer…

2018 National Book Awards Longlist: Poetry

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This week we’re bringing you the longlist via the New Yorker for the National Book Awards 2018. So far we’ve had fiction, young people’s literature, and translated literature but today…