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For Reading Addicts has more to offer than just your run of the mill book reviews, I love to give our readers a bit more to get their proverbial teeth into! While I used to run FRA alone, we now have lots of enthusiastic literature lovers to help. As well as in the blog and pages sections, you’ll find us around our social media pages too so please try and remember we are people too, not just words on a screen.

It is on this page that you will find a whole plethora of interesting articles from the polls that require your input to a Word of the Day. In amongst the pages here you will find ‘me’ and hopefully, with your continued support – ‘you’ too.

My only sadness about the pages of Kath’s blog is that each new post does not have the same unmistakeable aroma of a new book, that you cannot feel the pages but rest assured, as much heart and soul has gone into these pages as a newly published novel.

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Obama Reveals What He’s Been Reading Prior to Visiting Africa

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For the first time since he left office, the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, has returned to Africa where he spent time in both Kenya (his ancestral…

James Joyce’s love letters are guaranteed to scar you for life.

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James Joyce wrote some fascinating and disturbing love letters to his 'dirty little fuckbird', Nora Barnacle, back in 1904. We tried to hint at the content of these perverted correspondence…

10 More Humorous Reviews of Classic Novels

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A few months ago, we posted an article about 10 amusing reviews of classic books from Harry Potter to Wuthering Heights. A quick look on Amazon will reveal that there…

Word of the Day – Oligopsony

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Oligopsony (noun) ol-ig-op-son-ee A state of the market in which only a small number of buyers exists for a product. 1940s: from oligo- ‘small number’ + Greek opsōnein ‘buy provisions’,…

Quiz – Missing Words A-Z – Unbelievably Tricky U’s and Very Tricky V’s

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And now we’ve got to the tricky ones!   (more…)

If The Office did Shakespeare, it would be hilariously awkward

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Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make Shakespeare shorter and more accessible? Elodie from SparkNotes has made it her life's mission to create smart and funny…

A. J. Cronin, Surgeon, Fisherman, Novelist

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Archibald Joseph Cronin, better known to readers as A. J Cronin (19th July 1896 – 6th January 1981) was a Scottish novelist best known for novels such as The Citadel,…

Bloomsbury Sales Good News for the Literary Market

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Sometimes the literary industry can be a little depressing. We keep being told of independent bookshops closing, and many people seem to think reading is going out of fashion, yet…

Word of the Day – Anamorphic

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Anamorphic (Adj) an-am-orf-ik Denoting or relating to a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens. Early 20th…

Quiz – Missing Words A-Z – Totally T’s

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A new series of quizzes, one for each letter of the alphabet (until we get to the tricky letters!)   (more…)

These Literary Maps of the United Kingdom Bring Novel Locations to Life

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Literary escapism is the reason we read, to get lost in another's mind, another's thoughts and ideas allows us to learn empathy and gain experience without living them. It's not…

Quiz – Missing Words A-Z – Simply S’s

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A new series of quizzes, one for each letter of the alphabet (until we get to the tricky letters!)   (more…)

Word of the Day – Charabanc

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Charabanc (noun) sha-ra-bang An early form of bus, used typically for pleasure trips. Early 19th century: from French char-à-bancs ‘carriage with benches’ (the original horse-drawn charabancs having rows of bench…

Teen Author Writes Debut Novel Between Lessons

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We love to be the first in on the action when it comes to new authors at For Reading Addicts and we believe that Edward Tagg is going to be…

Obama and Biden Star as Crime Fighting Detectives in a New Mystery Novel

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It's no secret that the world of politics can be an extremely tough place, and even those on the same side can be at each other's throats. However, during Obama's…

Emily Dickinson Comedy Series Coming to Apple

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Hailee Steinfeld (Pitch Perfect 3) is set to star as Emily Dickinson in a straight-to-series comedy Dickinson.  The project from Apple draws us into the world of Emily Dickinson and explores the…

Les Miserables is coming to the BBC

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Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is getting the BBC dramatisation make over. The six-part drama is taking us back to Victor Hugo’s original novel and exploring the themes of revolution, love,…

Word of the Day – Cynophobia

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Cynophobia (noun) Sai-no-fo-bee-a Fear of dogs from the Greek: κύων kýōn "dog" and φόβος phóbos "fear" (more…)

Quiz – Missing Words A-Z – Ravishing R’s

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A new series of quizzes, one for each letter of the alphabet (until we get to the tricky letters!)     (more…)

Word of the Day – Amatory

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Amatory (adj) a-ma-tor-ee Relating to or induced by sexual love or desire. Late 16th century: from Latin amatorius, from amator (see amateur). (more…)