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For Reading Addicts has more to offer than just your run of the mill book reviews, I love to give our readers a bit more to get their proverbial teeth into! While I used to run FRA alone, we now have lots of enthusiastic literature lovers to help. As well as in the blog and pages sections, you’ll find us around our social media pages too so please try and remember we are people too, not just words on a screen.

It is on this page that you will find a whole plethora of interesting articles from the polls that require your input to a Word of the Day. In amongst the pages here you will find ‘me’ and hopefully, with your continued support – ‘you’ too.

My only sadness about the pages of Kath’s blog is that each new post does not have the same unmistakeable aroma of a new book, that you cannot feel the pages but rest assured, as much heart and soul has gone into these pages as a newly published novel.

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Quiz – Winnie the Pooh Missing Words

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This Winnie the Pooh Missing Words quiz is all about my favourite literary bear and his adventures with his friends in The Hundred Acre Wood; 


Word of the Day – Clout

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Clout (noun) kl-ao-wt A heavy blow with the hand or a hard object: Influence or power, especially in politics or business. (archaic) A piece of cloth or article of clothing which…


Make a Bookshelf Greeting Card and Miniature Books

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You know when you have to provide the card for a colleague who is leaving, or perhaps someone who is unwell and it gets handed around the office, workplace or…


The Life and Works of Anne Bronte

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Born on January 17th 1820 Anne Bronte published two powerful and socially provocative novels during her short lifetime. This quiz looks at the life and works of an important author…

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Japan’s Alice in Wonderland Inspired Restaurants.

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Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland is loved all over the world for its escapism and fantasy. The people of Japan, in particular, have embraced the land of talking white rabbits and playing…


Word of the Day – Brash

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Brash (adj) br-ash Self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way: Having an ostentatious or tasteless appearance. Such a brilliantly descriptive term for the kinds of people you hate to be…

Michelle Obama

Five Children’s Books that Michelle Obama Adores

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When it comes to First Ladies you would be hard pressed to find one more loved and more accessible then the wife of the outgoing president Barack Obama. Rather than…

New Releases

11 Highly Anticipated Books to Look Forward to in 2017

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Sales figures in the publishing industry were encouraging for 2016 and much of this has to do with the quality of literature released each year, so here’s hoping 2017 will…

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Game of Thrones Inspired Bar Comes to Edinburgh!

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The Pop-Up Geeks are a UK events team full of inspired nerdy types. They are currently based in Edinburgh, and love nothing more than entertaining their fellow geeks with themed boozing. Their latest venture is a…


QUIZ! Authors Who Begin With a W, X, Y, or Z

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That’s all folks, we are at the final quiz for this round of alphabetical conundrums and our last eighteen authors for you to identify from just two of their published…


Word of the Day – Filch

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Filch (verb) fil-tch Pilfer or steal (something, especially an item of small value) in a casual way. Middle English filchen to attack (in a body), take as booty, Old English fylcian…

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10 Book Dedications to Make you Smile

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When you open the pages of a book for the very first time what do you do? Do you read everything that is available to you or are you a…


4-Year-Old Reads 1,000 Books Heads to Library of Congress

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I tell you, it’s great to bring you a story with the word Congress in it that isn’t a negative one! Today we heard about Daliyah Marie Arana who at…


QUIZ! Authors Who Begin With a U, V or W

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18 well known authors by surname, the only clue being one or two of their works …but not always necessarily the ones they’re most famous for (that would be too…


Best Books of 2016 as Voted for by You

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2017 has begun and we have a whole new year’s worth of books to look forward to over the course of the coming months. 2016 may have a tough year…

New Releases

Prince Charles Co Authors the Ladybird Book of Climate Change

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The Ladybird Book of Climate Change With the resurgence in popularity Ladybird books are the place to be at the moment if you want to be seen in the literary world…


Word of the Day – Uppity

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Uppity (adj) up-it-ee Self-important; arrogant: Showing arrogance and conceit. A fanciful formation from up, uppity is a late 19th century word that is sadly falling out of favour once again.


Lunch Dates, Book Tubers and Hot New Releases

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Regular followers of our blog will know that my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 are bookish ones and you’ll be pleased to know I’ve been doing my best to keep…

GRR Martin

The Winds of Winter – Is the Wait Finally Over?

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There have been promises made, broken, and hinted at, deadlines set, passed and thoroughly ignored. The TV series has caught up and passed the books creating their own plotlines and…

Blatty Feature

The Exorcist Read by Sir Christopher Lee

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The Exorcist is one of the few books that gave me sleepless nights, I remember the furore when the film was released and subsequently banned from theatres everywhere and wondered…