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For Reading Addicts has more to offer than just your run of the mill book reviews, I love to give our readers a bit more to get their proverbial teeth into! While I used to run FRA alone, we now have lots of enthusiastic literature lovers to help. As well as in the blog and pages sections, you’ll find us around our social media pages too so please try and remember we are people too, not just words on a screen.

It is on this page that you will find a whole plethora of interesting articles from the polls that require your input to a Word of the Day. In amongst the pages here you will find ‘me’ and hopefully, with your continued support – ‘you’ too.

My only sadness about the pages of Kath’s blog is that each new post does not have the same unmistakeable aroma of a new book, that you cannot feel the pages but rest assured, as much heart and soul has gone into these pages as a newly published novel.

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The Bestselling Books of the Last One Hundred Years: 1997

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We started at 1918, bringing you the bestselling books of the last one hundred years. Today we start a new decade, as we countdown to the end of a century…

Hugs & Kisses from Aachen: A Poetry Submission

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In a few weeks the world has turned on its head. We've changed pace a little on For Reading Addicts and we're currently taking poetry submissions, video readings, guest blogs,…

Word of the Day – Grovel

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Grovel (verb) gro-vel Lie or crawl abjectly on the ground with one's face downwards./Act in an obsequious way in order to obtain someone's forgiveness or favour. Middle English back-formation from…

Quiz – Literary Events Timeline (3) 1820-1829

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A new series beginning in 1800.   (more…)

20 reasons why we do not deserve the SparkNotes Twitter account

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SparkNotes Twitter feed is a must-follow for any Reading Addicts. Their insightful humour and literary know-how is second-to-none, and whoever runs their social media, particularly Twitter, deserves some recognition. SparkNotes…

Word of the Day – Wharfinger

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Wharfinger (noun) war-fin-jur An owner or keeper of a wharf. Middle English from wharfage+ -er. (more…)

Parody of Ladybird books has taken on COVID-19 virus

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Ladybird spoof comedy books have been popular these past few years, parodying classic children's and non-fiction titles. Hilarious titles such as The Wife, The Hipster, The The Hangover, and The Do-Gooder are pocket-sized parodies perfect…

For Reading Addicts Reading Challenge 2020 – April

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This year's challenge is proving more popular than ever, thank you all for joining in, We hope you're all finding it helpful at this difficult time. We've had lots of…

Word of the Day – Abjuration

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Abjuration (noun) ab-jur-ay-shun A solemn renouncement of a belief, cause, or claim Late Middle English from Latin abjurare, from ab- ‘away’ + jurare ‘swear’. (more…)

Harry Potter Fans Can Now Live in a Real-life Refurbished Hogwarts

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Harry Potter fans listen up because you can now life in a real-life, refurbished Hogwarts. The new apartments are being created using one of the filming locations from the Harry…

Quiz – Literary Events Timeline (2) 1810-1819

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Beginning in the early years of the novel – as we know and love it – each quiz covers a decade of literary events – 2 questions per year. Births,…

Word of the Day -Epidemiology

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Epidemiology (adj) ep-id-ee-mee-ol-ij-ee The branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health. Late 19th century from Greek epidēmia…

Quiz – Literary Events Timeline (1) 1800-1809

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Beginning in the early years of the novel - as we know and love it - each quiz covers a decade of literary events – 2 questions per year. Births,…

Christopher Walken reads Where The Wild Things Are

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Christopher Walken is an American actor best known for movies such as The Deer Hunter and Pulp Fiction.  His diverse and eccentric style makes Walken a cult icon amongst film fans,…

Word of the Day – Belfry

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Belfry (noun) bel-free The part of a bell tower or steeple in which bells are housed. Middle English berfrey, from Old French berfrei, later belfrei, of West Germanic origin. The…

5 Women Writers of the Ancient World

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The reclamation of female voices in ancient literature begins with readers. Only a few women writers of the ancient world are generally known, with more largely ignored or lost to…

10 Nonfiction Books about Real Life Epidemics and Pandemics

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We are living through history being made, and not necessarily in the nicest way. There can’t have been many of you that didn’t learn about Spanish Flu in school, a…

Word of the Day – Integument

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Integument (noun) in-teg-yu-ment A tough outer protective layer, especially that of an animal or plant. Early 17th century (denoting a covering or coating): from Latin integumentum, from the verb integere,…

Get the Royal Shakespeare Company and more in your living room for free!

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Every night is opening night with the Royal Shakespeare Company on Marquee TV! A streaming service specialising in the arts and theatre is offering customers 30 days free in an…

Reading out loud: A Guest Blog

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Unless you have children (I don’t) then reading out loud is probably something you’ve not really done since your school days. And my school days are reasonably far behind me.…