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For Reading Addicts has more to offer than just your run of the mill book reviews, I love to give our readers a bit more to get their proverbial teeth into! While I used to run FRA alone, we now have lots of enthusiastic literature lovers to help. As well as in the blog and pages sections, you’ll find us around our social media pages too so please try and remember we are people too, not just words on a screen.

It is on this page that you will find a whole plethora of interesting articles from the polls that require your input to a Word of the Day. In amongst the pages here you will find ‘me’ and hopefully, with your continued support – ‘you’ too.

My only sadness about the pages of Kath’s blog is that each new post does not have the same unmistakeable aroma of a new book, that you cannot feel the pages but rest assured, as much heart and soul has gone into these pages as a newly published novel.

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Word of the Day – Juvenescence

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Juvenescence (noun) jew-ven-es-ens The state or period of being young Early 19th century from Latin juvenescent- ‘reaching the age of youth’, from the verb juvenescere, from juvenis ‘young’. (more…)

[SPOILERS] George R.R. Martin Confirms a Well-Loved Character Has a Different Fate in the Books

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Fans of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels will no doubt have watched the HBO adaptation Game of Thrones. Given Martin's slow writing pace, the…

Word of the Day – Cultch

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Cultch (noun) kul-ch The mass of stones, broken shells, and grit of which an oyster bed is formed. Mid 17th century of unknown origin. (more…)

Quiz: Yes or No – Literary Numbers

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A new series of quizzes – simply answer yes or no. 20 literary statements – but are the numbers correct?   (more…)

Collection of Doctor Who short stories released for children’s charity

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A Doctor Who short story collection written by Whovian legend Russell T Davies (among others) is being released for the BBC's Children in Need. Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown will…

Word of the Day – Verditer

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Verditer (noun) ver-di-ter A light blue or bluish-green pigment, typically prepared by adding chalk or whiting to a solution of copper nitrate, used in making crayons and as a watercolour.…

Bill Bryson Announces Retirement From Writing

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Bill Bryson, whose science and travel books have sold millions of copies, has announced that he intends to retire from writing in favour of spending more time with his children…

First Look at His Dark Material Season 2 in New Trailer

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The first season on the BBC and HBO’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials aired in 2019 and predominately covered the first novel in the series; Northern Lights…

Word of the Day – Toggery

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Toggery (noun) tog-e-ree Clothes. (more…)

Amazon’s $1 Billion ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series Sounds Massive

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If your a fan of Tolkien's fantasy world of Middle-Earth, then you'll no doubt be aware that Amazon is currently working on a series adaptation that is set to air…

Word of the Day – Compendium

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Compendium (noun) kom-pen-dee-um A collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication. Late 16th century from Latin, ‘profit, saving’ (literally ‘what…

Quiz: Yes or No – Authors’ Initials

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A new series of quizzes – simply answer yes or no. 20 famous writers known by their initials. Is the name given to them the correct one or not?  …

BBC’s ‘The Watch’ Adaptation Receives Backlash. Rhianna Pratchett and Neil Gaiman Comment

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A few days ago, we got a look at the first official trailer for the BBC series The Watch, which is based on the Ankh-Morpork City Watch that's featured in…

Word of the Day – Clew

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Clew (noun) k-lew a ball of thread Now obsolete (more…)

Channel 4 Commissions Quentin Blake’s Clown for their Christmas Schedule

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Channel 4 has commissioned Quentin Blake’s Clown to air in December 2020. Quentin Blake is one of Britain’s best-loved illustrator who is perhaps most known for illustrating most of Roald…

UK author publishes book to help people living with breast cancer

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A UK author is preparing to help others by drawing upon her own experience of cancer. Award-winning author and breast cancer survivor Estelle Maher, form Wirral UK, was diagnosed with…

Word of the Day – Paludal

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Paludal (adj) pal-oo-dal (ecology) (of a plant, animal, or soil) living or occurring in a marshy habitat. Early 19th century from Latin palus, palud- ‘marsh’ + -al. (more…)

Shakespeare’s First Folio Sells for Almost $10 Million at Auction

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A copy of The Bard's First Folio, published shortly after his death in 1623 has sold for a whopping, record-breaking $9.98m (£7.6m) at an auction in New York. Around 253…

Word of the Day – Malison

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Malison (noun) mal-i-son (archaic) A curse. Middle English from Old French. (more…)

Scottish Twitter has a proud hero in puntastic poet Pennie

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Miss Punny Pennie has become a Twitter sensation after releasing a poem written for the love of Scots language. I'm No Havin' Children, written and performed by Pennie, is a love…